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Ratings Guide

  • The rating system employed by the review staff of is one that anyone put through an education system are familiar with: simple letter grades! Unlike the vast majority of review sites on the internet today, which utilize 1-to-5, 1-to-10 or 1-to-100 grading systems, felt that the common numerical grades left a lot to be desired when it came to accurately scoring a title.
  • Although the numerical scoring system for the use in reviews is a tried and true system, it is flawed in the sense that the standards of what is "average" do not line up accurately with the given score. For example, on many occasions you will see a game score a 7/10 or 8/10, and that is typically regarded by most, including the reviewer, as being "average", when in reality a ho-hum, run-of-the-mill, or otherwise "average" title should be scored at roughly 5 or 6 out of 10.

  • The standards of what is only decent, or passable, have been raised to such a point in the numerical grading system that you not only have an abundance of titles scoring 7s and 8s out of 10, but you also have a large amount of above-average, but short of elite, games scoring 9s and 10s. felt the need to break out of the typical mold of numerical scoring when reviewing titles, and has taken inspiration from the dreaded letter grades that frightened so many school children over the years and developed a grading system that can be applied to the review of video games.
  • The "A" List: Titles that are marked with the prestigious "A" grade in any form are likely titles that you should purchase sooner rather than later.

  • Clearly, a game that scores an "A+" is quickly signified as a must-buy title that is well worth the lofty price that entails a new video game. Virtually no flaws and well-polished aspects from top to bottom are the only ways for a title to earn the rarely seen "A+" mark.
  • The score of "A" is handed down to titles that, while near the top of the heap, are just shy of being a truly elite, trailblazing title either due to some degree of unoriginality or too large of a focus on one aspect of the title (example, a stellar multiplayer aspect but a solid, albeit less polished single player campaign).

  • The "A-" grade is given to games that are very respectable and, in spite of being near the bottom of the "A" category, should likely be purchased in short time. Titles that were stamped with an "A-" show more evident flaws or unoriginal aspects than its higher graded competition.
  • B Does Not Stand For "Bomb": Titles that are marked with a "B" grade in any form are, clearly, deeper flawed than those that managed to secure a position on the "A List", and careful consideration must be put in before purchasing these games.

  • Video games that have the "B+" grade applied to them are not bad games in any sense of the word but fail, in one way or another, to rise up to the top titles of the generation. Most "B+" titles are probably worth your hard earned money but some research and individual opinions must be considered before pulling this one off the shelf.
  • A solid, but slightly more flawed title than those adorned with a "B+", the simple "B" grade shows a slightly more flawed title than those that were rated higher. Small bugs, rendering or graphical issues, etc. could be enough to drop a title down to a "B".

  • A marginal step above the "C+" grade, a title that scores a "B-" may have some solid concepts but fails to put it together in such a fashion that the game earns a higher score. Titles adorned with a "B-" are walking a thin line between "average" and "above average".

  • No Scoffing At A C: Titles that are stamped with the "C" grade in any form are quite simply "average" games that do not suffer from substantial flaws but fail to do much of anything in a spectacular fashion either. These titles appeal to a smaller audience and may be best suited to rent first, rather than buying.
  • A "C+" is handed down to titles that are just shy of rising out of the term "average". Unoriginal, but tried and true ideas coupled with solid gameplay are likely to earn many games a "C+" rating.

  • The simple "C" grade is given to titles that are, quite literally, middle-of-the-road games of this generation. These games are likely to provide some degree of fun but are unlikely to hold your attention for extended periods of time, and may employ very old school gameplay aspects, wrapped in current-generation graphics.
  • A small step above mediocre titles, the "C-" is barely a respectable grade for a title. These games may appeal to a very small audience, suffer from significant graphical issues or have glaring deficiencies in its gameplay.

  • D Is Not For Delightful: Titles that are marked with a "D" grade, in any form, are just barely scraping by the standards of today's gaming and, at best, are worthy of being played in rental form only. A purchase of these titles is almost always out of the question.

  • A "D+" signifies that the title is deeply flawed and suffers from a bout of unoriginal ideas, poor graphics or uninspired gameplay. For perspective, mediocre "hack and slash" titles or clearly far inferior knockoffs of more successful titles may fit into this category.

  • A generally mediocre title, games that were handed the "D" grade are even worse, albeit slightly, than those adorned with a "D+" grade. You may see any combination of subpar graphics, bland gameplay or laughable narratives in these titles.

  • The smallest step above a flat out failure of a gaming title, video games that are given a "D-" are walking a very thin line between a title that can provide a couple minutes of entertainment, and a useless door-stop.

  • The F Bomb: What you talkin about? There is no "+" or "-" rating scale for titles that are stamped with an "F" and thrown into a bottomless pit, never to be seen again. If a title scores an "F", you will see game breaking bugs, graphics that look generation's old, pitiful excuses for narratives and gameplay that the Atari version of "E.T." would laugh at. These disgraceful insults to video gaming, in which case the packaging is likely worth more than the disc, like "E.T." for the Atari, should be pulled off of every store shelf and buried in a desert, if not used for coasters or doorstops.

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Ratings Guide

The rating system employed by the review staff at is one that anyone put through an education system are familiar with: simple letter grades!


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