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  • Q: What is
  • A: is the original independent gaming community built entirely for its users.

  • Q: There are a ton of gaming sites on the web, what is so different about Krakrabbit?
  • A: Boy, are we glad you asked that. Krakrabbit is completely self-reliant when it comes to every game/system/accessory/ etc. that we have listed on our site. What that means is we do not accept any contributions from any publishers and/or manufacturers. You can think of us as the Consumer Reports of gaming.

  • Q: Can you please explain more about contributions?
  • A: No problem. Basically, every major gaming site on the net (you know who they are) has brokered deals with the publishers and/or manufacturers to receive FREE stuff. This 'deal' with the powers-that-be allows the major gaming sites to have instant access to the latest products, demos, screenshots, tips, tricks, cheats, news, accessories etc.

  • Q: That does not sound so bad, why does Krakrabbit object to such practices?
  • A: On the surface it may not appear to be a negative arrangement, but when you enter into a 'you scratch my back, I will scratch yours' agreement, it is important to remember it is a two-way street. The publishers/manufacturers have lived up to their end of the bargain by delivering the latest and greatest gaming tools, but what do the major gaming communities have to offer the publishers/manufacturers? The answer...positive press on any and all products/services supplied by the publishers and/or manufacturers!

  • Q: If the gaming sites are prone to write positive reviews/articles for the publishers/manufacturers, why do I often see low scores or critical reviews about game titles?
  • A: It is a numbers game. While you may see a low score here or a bad review there, the gaming giants will always try to inflate the number of positive reviews/articles they produce. Most of the time, the game titles you speak of are from huge publishers that crank out title after title. The gaming giants can slip in a low score on a title, or write a marginal review because they are simply playing a numbers game. They undoubtedly understand that after the marginal review is dead and buried, they will have many other game titles to hype up. If the game title is from a new kid on the block, they have nothing to fear. If the publisher/manufacturer is not providing them with all of the perks that larger publishers do, they have no reason to go out of their way for them.

    Think about it, when is the last time a highly anticipated game title was given horrible reviews? It seems like every new title that a publisher/manufacturer advertises heavily suddenly becomes a 'must have' or a 'revolutionary' advancement in gaming. The publishers/manufacturers spend a lot of cash to advertise the latest and greatest video game titles to the gaming world (magazines, websites, television, radio etc.) and it is no coincidence they always seem to emerge victorious in the ratings/articles of the gaming giants.

  • Q: Is it safe to say the major gaming sites are in bed with the publishers/manufacturers?
  • A: Yes, they swap positive press for exclusive access to everything from product launches (notice how all of the major sites - online and television - always have elite coverage) to pre-release demos. It is no stroke of luck the major gaming giants just so happen to have every possible screenshot (always the most detailed) for the latest hot game title.

  • Q: How does this relationship affect us?
  • A: This affiliation between the gaming news portals and the publishers/manufacturers greatly reduces your ability to decipher a genuine evaluation of a product/service from a shady one. How do you accurately determine if the editor/reviewer is giving an honest assessment of a product/service or is simply fulfilling his obligation to the publishers/manufacturers to provide as much positive hype as possible?

    Do you realize a good number of the mainstream gaming communities (review sites, news sites, etc) that you visit on a daily basis are all owned by one single corporation? That single corporation controlling all of those gaming entities (they operate under multiple site names) has partnership ties to a national company that peddles new and used games!!

    The business of video games is now a billion dollar industry! There is far too much profit involved in this niche for these huge corporations that control the mainstream gaming communities to allow accurate and true opinions on the titles they review.

    Reviewers for the 'powers that be' are forced to deal with editors, publishers, manufacturers and all of the other 'suits' that have a great stake in the industry. Ad revenue, special title access, promotional contributions, betas, etc. can all be greatly affected if the corporation should step out of line.

    Do you think that affiliation between the two companies could potentially have a huge effect on the integrity of the reviews that you read?

    The only factual and truthful reviews must come from an independent source that is not in bed financially with the major players in the industry.

  • Q: Does this type of deceitful activity really go on in the gaming industry?
  • A: We are unhappy to admit it, but it is more common than not. In fact, just recently an editor for a major gaming site wrote an 'honest' unflattering review regarding a game title and was fired just days later! Of course the major gaming corporation that terminated the longstanding editor denied the critical review had anything to do with his termination.

    This is just one example where the dangerous union between the gaming community and the publishers/manufacturers reared its ugly head. Think about all of the incidents that occur on a daily basis that we will never hear about.

  • Q: Why do the major gaming sources agree to be involved with such practices?
  • A: Simple really...access! Access is one of the most valuable tools to anyone in the news business. This epidemic is not confined to just the gaming industry. You have 'deals' being brokered everywhere from Politics (campaign contributors ring a bell) to boxing matches (promoters authorize or deny access for the writers to cover the fights).

  • Q: What can we do about it?
  • A: Write your congressman (OK, we're just kidding)! Truth be told, it is not going to stop. As we touched on earlier, this plague can be seen throughout our everyday lives. However, the best way to combat its existence is to join places like that have a zero tolerance for contributions from publishers/manufacturers.

  • Q: How does joining Krakrabbit help the gaming community?
  • By joining Krakrabbit you are allowing your fellow gamers the rare opportunity to read unbiased, accurate, independent reviews on every single product on our site. We have created this site from the ground up for our members. Our goal is to create an elite gaming community where gamers feel comfortable putting their trust in our honest, unbiased reviews across all platforms.

  • Q: If you do not accept publishers/manufacturers contributions, how can you offer prize giveaways to your members?
  • A: We buy them! Every single item listed on our site was purchased with our own money.

  • Q: What about the Krakrabbit editorial reviews? Do you buy the games you review too?
  • A: Yes, we do not get anything on the site for free. If we do not currently own a copy for review (which we already paid for) we only have two choices to get a copy for our editorial review.

    1) We purchase the game at retail price.

    2) We rent the game and pay full retail rental price.

  • Q: Games and prizes are one thing, what about consoles?
  • A: Our entire inspiration for this site was always to offer gamers real, unbiased, accurate gaming information. If that meant buying every single console on the market, then so be it. When we decided to go forward with our idea, we knew ahead of time it was not going to be a cheap endeavor. Although it hits the pocket book hard, we feel the service that Krakrabbit is providing to the gaming community is well worth the sacrifice.

  • Q: Do your sponsors have any influence on your editorial reviews?
  • A: Heck no! Most of our sponsors on the site are affiliate sponsors. This means when you purchase a product from them via you directly help the Krakrabbit communities stay alive and kicking. Any site sponsor that is not an affiliate is either a link exchange (we place a link to their site on and they place a link on their site to or have paid a monthly fee to us to display their banner/link etc. on the site. In any and each of the above cases, we will never allow a sponsor to have any say over the content of the site. They are here simply to help fund the Krakrabbit community and offer their products/services to our members.

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