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News Headlines: September

  • Battle Splash Open Beta Press release!
  • Dranya Studio has announced the Free Open Beta version of their game, Battle Splash for Windows PCs on Steam.

    About Battle Splash: It’s a Fast-paced Third Person Shooter that inspired from the Classic Arena Shooter and the Modern Class-based Shooter, yet there is No Violence in this game. The game is designed to be very Easy-to-Play, but still requires a lot of skills and teamwork in order to master the gameplay. Battle Splash uses Water Splash as the main mechanic. It can change its form upon collision with other objects, thus the Area of Effect shape will change as well.

    Battle Splash Free Open Beta will feature a brand new location called Paper World, where everything is made of raw paper. Players can also try out two brand new Game Modes aside from the traditional Team Free for All mode:

    Team Tactics Mode: Round-based game mode with no instant respawn that will push player's skill to the limit while testing their teamwork.

    Team SBot Guidance: Round-based game mode featuring a big robot called SBot. Players have to disable it by attacking the robot, then capture it and let it travel to their base.

    Unlike Team Free For All, those modes above are designed to be highly competitive and balanced, thus it requires a lot of teamwork as well as skills for players to become the winner.

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