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Resistance 3!

What could be the final installment in the popular Resistance franchise has arrived to much hype, but will the PS3 exclusive title be able to live up to the high expectations?

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I Finish Fights: Resistance 3 takes place years after Resistance 2 ended with Joseph Capelli and a small group of survivors hiding out in Oklahoma, looking to avoid the Chimera as much as possible.

Soon after the game beings though, Capelli heads out of his sanctuary with Fyodor Malikov (a key character in Resistance 2) to New York in an attempt to stop the Chimera from fully taking over the planet.

The story in Resistance 3, as is the case with many later installments in a franchise, will make a lot more sense and be much more enjoyable if you are familiar with the plot of Resistance: Fall of Man and Resistance 2.

The plotline is solid and progresses nicely, and I really have no complaints about the narrative in this title. Playing as Joseph Capelli this time around may turn some people off, as he lacks the special abilities of Nathan Hale (the main protagonist in the first two games), but I didn't see a huge difference between using Capelli this time or Hale in the past.

A Walking Armory: Resistance 3's gameplay is the focus though, and it does a great job of keeping players entertained. I think it's important to note that "R3" is very linear and there is no exploration or straying off the path in this game, but the gunplay is something that impressed me.

An area where Resistance 3 shines are the weapons that you have at your disposal. The armaments in Resistance 3 are shockingly varied and there are a bunch of innovative guns to try out.

Not only do you have typical weapons like sniper rifles, but there are also creative guns such as the "Auger", which can penetrate through walls to hit opponents and becomes more powerful as it travels through objects.

As well as that, every weapon in Resistance 3 has an alternate function (mapped to the R2 button) that gives you a special ability while using a particular.

For example, the "Bullseye" (a basic sub-machine gun) has a secondary function that "tags" enemies, so that when you fire the bullets automatically head towards your tagged target. There is also the "H.E. Magnum". The Magnum's alternate attack gives you the ability to detonate the rounds that you are shooting into enemies (shoot somebody in the leg, then detonate the round and blow their whole leg off).

The actual gameplay, being as limited and linear as it is, really isn't all that special but the very original weaponry makes Resistance 3's firefights more interesting and intense then they would be otherwise.

The Capricious Melting Pot: Adding to that, the gameplay is made more engrossing by the number of different enemies you will face along your journey. From basic foot soldiers that come at you in large numbers to massive behemoths with powerful weapons, Resistance 3 throws a bunch of widely varied baddies at you.

Over the course of a normal battle you can see dozens of low level troopers and a half dozen specialty Chimera with jet packs. In some firefights, you will also have to face off with random, but giant, creatures in addition to bigger swarms of enemies.

The variety of enemies was a nice change from many first person shooters where you will battle waves of generic opposition, and while some previously seen breeds of the Chimera were excluded, there is plenty of diversity to go around.

War...With Friends: Resistance 3 also includes a multiplayer mode that allows you to take the fight online in either a cooperative campaign or head-to-head in competitive multiplayer as either a Human or a Chimera.

Quite honestly I'll be frank here and say that there isn't much to write home about with Resistance 3's multiplayer aspect. It features five modes (Team Deathmatch, Chain Reaction, Deathmatch, Breach, and Capture the Flag), but there is nothing particularly special about of the modes.

Most of the competitive multiplayer revolves around knowing the maps well and running around shooting anything that moves. The objective based modes are, I feel, a little more enjoyable but I don't think Resistance 3's multiplayer can match well-known multiplayer powerhouses (such as Call of Duty or any other highly respected multiplayer title).

Rent vs. Buy: Resistance 3 plenty of things well, but aside from the admittedly innovative weapons and closing of the Resistance storyline, it doesn't feel like an elite title to me.

The gunplay would be nothing special and would probably get a little repetitive without the variety of weapons at your disposal, and the multiplayer isn't something that will distract you from high profile games either.

Resistance 3, at its core, doesn't really change much as the story goes along. No matter how far along in the story you are, the vast majority of the time you will be assigned the basic "go here, shoot these people" duty that every other first person shooter has you perform.

I liked the weapons, the story and the multiple types of enemies you face, but I don't see much of a reason to play through Resistance 3's campaign mode more than once.

As for the multiplayer, the social aspect of this title is perfectly serviceable but unspectacular. Nothing really stands out about the competitive multiplayer and even things like the upgrades you can purchase lack originality.

In fact, I would even go so far as to the say the cooperative play in Resistance 3 is more enjoyable then the competitive multiplayer!

I highly recommend trying out Resistance 3 and finishing up the campaign mode, but I would not purchase this title unless you were a die-hard fan of the series and knew what you were getting in to. For me personally, Resistance 3 was decent but a little too much like the previous installments in the franchise.

Report Card

I highly recommend trying out Resistance 3 and finishing up the campaign mode, but I would not purchase this title unless you were a die-hard fan of the series and knew what you were getting in to. For me personally, Resistance 3 was decent but a little too much like the previous installments in the franchise. (Krakrabbit.com)


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