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Resistance 2!

One of the most anticipated games of the year has finally arrived, but will Resistance 2 be able to live up to the massive hype surrounding it?

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Overseas Terror: Resistance 2 begins a short time after the events of the first Resistance and again follows Sgt. Nathan Hale in his attempt to stop the Chimera from destroying the world.

After a failed effort to stop the Chimera from destroying Europe, mankind must make its last stand against the unstoppable alien race in the US.

As Sgt. Nathan Hale you will wage war against the Chimera in landmark cities such as Chicago and San Francisco.

The plot of Resistance 2 is pretty fleshed out and does a good job of telling an interesting story that will keep your attention throughout the game.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life: Resistance 2's gameplay hasn't had a ton of changes made to it since the last time around, though there is still a pretty good amount of variety to keep your attention.

The locations that you wage war in are incredibly varied and life-like. From downtown Chicago to the Theaters that are sprinkled throughout to the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge, everything is very realistic.

The weapons that you have at your disposal are also quite robust, giving you options to use anything from Rocket Launchers and Magnums to Assault Rifles and Alien technology weaponry.

The weapons that you have at your disposal are very enjoyable to use and each and every weapon looks and feels uniquely different.

The enemies that you face are not so varied though. You will end up killing the same exact enemy for at least the first 30 minutes of the game until you finally begin to face off against some interesting adversaries.

Tactical Foes: The enemy AI featured in Resistance 2 is incredible and will provide you with quite a bit of challenge throughout the game, even on the lowest difficulties.

Your enemies will flank you, suppress you, use cover effectively and only expose themselves should they believe they have an opportunity to fill you with lead.

On the higher levels, they will be stronger, faster and nearly unstoppable, killing you nearly anytime you move out of cover.

There isn't much frustration associated with your deaths though, as Resistance 2 provides plenty of checkpoints throughout the levels.

Top Of The Class: Resistance 2 features an 8-player cooperative mode that allows you and 7 other players engage in a completely separate campaign made just for co-op.

In the co-op mode you will be able to start your own game, join a random game or look through some games that have already been started.

While the co-op does include plenty of levels, the separate "campaign" is really nothing more then a compilation of levels.

It bares no relation to the storyline of the single player campaign, and in fact, it doesn't have much of a storyline at all. Just a small mission briefing explaining a bit about where you are going.

Before you get into anything though, you will be required to choose a class from three distinct classes.

The first is the Soldier, who is essentially the tank. His main weapon is a high-powered chain gun and the ability to deploy a shield that allows him to block most enemies attacks.

The next is the Medic, who acts as the team healer. He uses a gun that can suck the life from his targets and give it to himself or others.

The last class is the Spec Ops, who deals high damage and ammunition. The Spec Ops uses powerful weapons and has the ability to give ammo to his teammates.

The classes are all different and each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Each class is very enjoyable to use and every type of player will find a class that suits their playing style.

Finding a game is easy and the lobbies are well populated, though there are slight flaws with the actual team based gameplay.

Team Players: The levels are made from the ground up for 8 players, thus making them much more difficult then anything you see in the single player campaign.

Swarms of enemies bombard you and your teammates from all sides and even with 8 players the levels are incredibly difficult.

The co-op missions require you to cooperate with your teammates and support each other's roles, as well as do your own job. However, it can be a considerably difficult to find a group of people who actually do what they are suppose to do.

Too often your entire team will insist on rushing forward into the fray regardless of class. Seeing your Medic rush into battle and completely ignore your pleas for help is a little frustrating.

If you are able to find even 2 other players who support you and follow their class roles, the co-op is an absolute blast that will suck you in for countless missions.

Urban Battlefield: In addition to the cooperative gameplay, Resistance 2 also features 60-player competitive multiplayer.

As was the case in the co-op, the lobbies are packed and just waiting for you to join a game.

In the competitive multiplayer you will be able to choose to play as either a Human or a Chimera soldier.

The different races have different advantages and disadvantages to using them. The Humans have advanced radar capabilities but do less damage, while the Chimera do more damage but sometimes overheat.

The maps that you play these massive 30v30 matches on are quite large, though each and every map has certain areas where most of the battles take place.

To keep the matches from getting too hectic, the players are separated into squads that engage in their own activities. The separate squads do not meet up often or even work together other then in the massive battles.

The matches rarely ever get out of hand or confusing, and it is easy to jump into 30v30 matches and start battle right away.

Eye Candy: The visuals in Resistance 2 are quite impressive and easily a huge step up from the original Resistance, though they are not completely pushing the PS3s limits. The monsters are quite detailed and the environments are realistic, but there are some PS3 titles out there with better graphics.

The audio featured in the game is also impressive. The voice acting is amazing and helps you get engrossed in the game, and the guns and battlefield sound effects sound very natural.

Rent vs. Buy: Resistance 2 is a phenomenal game that is very enjoyable, mainly because of the many additions.

The engrossing single player, enjoyable gameplay, large arsenal of weapons, incredible enemy AI, amazing co-op, outstanding competitive multiplayer and impressive audio and visuals make Resistance 2 a fantastic game.

While the game doesn't necessarily revolutionize the FPS genre, it still manages to be a very enjoyable experience.

If you were a fan of the original, or are simply looking for an extraordinary title, you cannot go wrong with picking Resistance 2 up.

Report Card

While the game doesn't necessarily revolutionize the FPS genre, it still manages to be a very enjoyable experience. If you were a fan of the original, or are simply looking for an extraordinary title, you cannot go wrong with picking Resistance 2 up. (Krakrabbit.com)


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