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Ninja Gaiden Sigma!

The popular and critically acclaimed Ninja game originally perfected on the Xbox has come to the next generation on the PS3, but will it live up to its well-known name?

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Reincarnated Ninja: The first thing you should know about Sigma is the fact that this game is a similar port of the Xbox original Ninja Gaiden Black. It features reworked levels, new chapters, and much slicker graphics. Strangely, third times the charm and this version is the best of them all.

The story again revolves around young ninja Ryu Hayabusa who has just taken possession of the legendary Dragon Sword. A super-sword of sorts passed down through generations of leaders of the Hayabusa ninja clan.

When your village is assaulted and basically the entire clan is killed, you search for the people who did this to your family.

While the plot sounds the same over these past three games, there are a few differences -- both subtle and obvious -- that make the game feel a little different this time around.

Such as the fact that the Fiend hunter Rachel is now a playable character, and has a few of her own chapters that you can play through. The Rachel chapters aren't just remakes of Ryu's either, she has completely unique storylines and levels.

Her chapters aren't broken off from Ryu's either, both campaigns rearrange to collide with each other in a sensible fashion. Plus, Ryu even has a couple of new weapons; duel swords called Dragon's Claw and Tiger's Fang.

Phoenix Wall Backflip To A Head Dice: As always, the amazing maneuvers and various tricks that you pull off are absolutely astounding. You will again perform countless amounts of slices, dices, and wall flips in the sleekest matter ever seen.

Strangely though, you charge up your Ninpo power by shaking the controller until you have enough power, but this controller shaking feels forced and awkward to use.

While you perform these gravity-defying moves, the game will run in perfect form, with no lag interrupting you at any time.

Although the graphics look great most of the time, you and still notice that there are some portions of some levels that look ported, as they have bland textures and undetailed coatings.

Still, the majority of the time, the graphics are good enough to be passable as a next-gen title, and if you did a side-by-side comparison with Black, you would notice the considerable raise in graphics.

Rent vs. Buy: Ninja Gaiden Sigma is by all means a must buy for the PS3. The new added features are just interesting enough to extend the life of the game, and the much-improved graphics are good enough to avoid complaint.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma will remain a classic, sitting aside Ninja Gaiden Black and the arcade versions...at least until Ninja Gaiden II comes out.

Report Card

Ninja Gaiden Sigma is by all means a must buy for the PS3. The new added features are just interesting enough to extend the life of the game, and the much-improved graphics are good enough to avoid complaint. (Krakrabbit.com)


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