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Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe!

The legendary Mortal Kombat series has merged with one of the biggest comic book universes, but will this unlikely duo make for an enjoyable game?

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Universal War: The story of MK vs. DC Universe begins with; you guessed it an evil force that is looking to do all sorts of diabolical misdeeds. This villain (who has been a key character in past MK games) convinces the two worlds that the other is invading them.

That sums up the story pretty well, and as if you could not tell, the game is not exactly heavy on the plot.

As you move through the comprehensible, though weak storyline, you will discover a couple minor twists and reason why some of the more powerful heroes (how does Sub-Zero have a chance against Superman?) are vulnerable.

Dynamic Duo: The meshing of the Mortal Kombat and DC worlds may come off as an odd choice to make, considering all of the other places you could have gone with the MK vs. ? direction.

The team is a good one though, as you will be able to experience your dream battles such as Batman vs. Kano, Superman vs. Scorpion, Sonya vs. Catwoman, Raiden vs. Superman and even some very odd match-ups like Jax vs. Lex Luther.

The only problem with the variety of characters is that there really isn't much actual variety in the combatants (or should I say Kombatants?) other then their appearance. Too many of the characters play like one another.

The fighters are basically divided into a couple classes, with heavy, strong fighters (Batman, Superman, Jax) weaker, but quicker fighters (Flash, Catwoman) and a balance of both (Sonya, Sub-Zero, Scorpion).

The brawlers simply don't feel like individuals and instead many of them feel far too similar.

Finish Him: MK vs. DC Universe's gameplay is not very different from the original gameplay formula that is featured in all of the other Mortal Kombat games, though does add some variety and new features to keep the game a little fresh.

Other then the fact that two different worlds are doing battle, there are some new features to keep you entertained for a bit, such as the falling combat and the "Klose" combat.

All of the stages are multi-layered and allows either you or your opponent to be knocked out of the stage you are in and fight each other on the way down. The falling combat only lasts a few seconds, and has each player trying to press the lit up button before his opponent does.

As you correctly press the prompts, you will gain power and eventually be able to pull off a "Super" which allows you to perform a signature attack on your enemy and thrust them into the ground, causing more damage.

The falling combat is quite intriguing, and throwing your opponent through a wall and into the platform below is also very satisfying.

The "Klose" combat is enabled when one combatant grabs the other. The camera moves up close and again has each player trying to press the button prompts before his opponent does.

Each time you hit the prompt, you will attack your opponent, though what makes the Klose combat interesting is that you will be able to get an up-close view of the damage you are causing.

If you are pounding your opponent's face in, you will be able to see the cuts and lacerations appear on his face.

The Klose combat, while enjoyable at first, quickly becomes a boring and uneventful experience that you will often attempt to avoid.

The actual combat that you will engage in is not very unique or original, and it is very easy to get a little bored with the game after continuous battles.

Kombo King: The latest in the MK series has a large emphasis on combo attacks and "juggling" your opponent, which ultimately leads to the game being unbearably difficult.

Though each character is not very different from one another, they each have a few special combo attacks that are exceedingly difficult to pull off. If you do manage to perform one of these combos though, the damage can be outstanding.

As you learn the combos by playing through the "Kombo" mode (Kombo teaches you the different combos) or simply by trial and error, you will become more powerful. The problem is, the CPU opponents already know all of the combos possible.

It is incredibly difficult even as a veteran of the game to learn and perform even half of the available combos, though your opponents already know them all.

They will endlessly "juggle" you with outrageously long and damaging combos that can last for as many as 20 hits.

Even on the easiest difficulty, the CPU knows and executes many combos that, once begun, cannot be halted. This fact makes the game very difficult in many areas of the game, especially when facing a speedy opponent like the Joker or Flash.

One Night Stand: Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe allows you to play as either the Mortal Kombat or DC Universe side in the story mode, which is a nice extender of the time it takes to completely beat the game.

It only takes a few hours to beat each side though, and when you are done with the entire story mode, there is absolutely nothing to keep your attention.

MK vs. DC Universe lacks massively in the replay value department. The game does not feature any sort of additional modes, unlockables or extras at all.

You do not even get a decent reward for beating the game's final, and very difficult boss! The majority of the time, you will only unlock new characters as you progress through the game.

MK vs. DC Universe has trouble keeping your attention for the entire game. It is very easy to become bored with the game as many of the battles that you engage in feel far too similar to the one before that.

Tone It Down: MK vs. DC Universe is rated T, which is a very surprising departure from the deserving M that all of the other installments in the series have gotten. The game does press the limits of that T rated though.

While you will still see a decent amount of blood, and violence during combat, the Fatality's have been toned down a bit.

Instead of the usual spine-ripping, head snapping, blood spattering Fatality's that make put the franchise on the map, you will see more controlled death blows. The game is still very violent mind you; the game just does not allow you to show the public Batman's spine.

The game looks phenomenal though, and all of the environments and character models are nicely detailed. You will even see little touches like the pavement cracking when you slam somebody into it, which is quite impressive.

The same cannot be said about the voice acting featured in the game, however. The voice acting has never been very impressive in the Mortal Kombat game, and it maintains that fact by keeping the majority of the voice actors that did many of the previous MK games.

Rent vs. Buy: Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe is a rather enjoyable game, though it isn't particularly original in any sense.

The game feels very similar to the many previous installments in the franchise, and while there are some nice features and upgrades made to the gameplay, the game simply has a "been there, done that" feeling.

MK vs. DC Universe is a fantastic rent, though nothing much more. The game simply does not have enough (any as a matter of fact) extras to keep you entertained after the end credits roll.

Report Card

The game feels very similar to the many previous installments in the franchise, and while there are some nice features and upgrades made to the gameplay, the game simply has a "been there, done that" feeling. MK vs. DC Universe is a fantastic rent, though nothing much more. The game simply does not have enough (any as a matter of fact) extras to keep you entertained after the end credits roll. (Krakrabbit.com)


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