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Dead Space!

The latest IP from gaming giant EA has finally arrived, but will Dead Space be able to provide an interesting experience?

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Survivor, Ship, And Aliens. Sounds Familiar: The story of Dead Space places you in the shoes of engineer Isaac Clarke, who is sent on a routine job to repair communications on the USG Ishimura (a space mining ship) that were lost for unknown reasons.

As soon as he sets foot inside the ship, Isaac soon discovers that something tore apart and transformed the people aboard the ship.

The former humans were transformed into hideous monsters called Necromorphs, who are dangerous in everyway and are only looking to kill you.

Dead Space's storyline is not terribly original and may sound a bit too much like various other generic space-monster movies/games, but nevertheless delivers a fairly engrossing plot.

Boo! The feeling of Dead Space relies on total immersion into the environment and atmosphere of the world around you, so that you can become truly fearful while you play.

To heighten this feeling of despair and anxiety, Dead Space does not feature any kind of HUD or on-screen indicators to disrupt the experience of the game.

All of the necessary information such as your health and ammo are displayed organically on your character's body suit (health) and his weapon, which displays a holographic image that shows you how much ammunition your have left to spare.

Your map, inventory and everything else that you would usually work with through menus are also shown to you in real-time. This means that you can and will be attacked while you are accessing your inventory or watching a message sent from your crew.

Despite the attempts, the game does not come off as a very scary game. Dead Space does not fail in the suspense department; it is simply difficult to make a video game that feels scary.

The game is very intense however, as you will never know what is lurking behind the next corner or when the next enemy will jump out at you.

Dead bodies will rise up and attack without warning, Necromorphs will jump through random windows, and the shadow of something moving around in the darkness will flash before you.

A Literal Hack 'n Slash: The gameplay in Dead Space revolves around using your common engineering tools to hack off the limbs of anything that causes a threat to you.

At first glance, being forced to precisely lop off the legs, arms, heads, and tentacles of your alien foes may seem like a difficult task, but Dead Space allows you to sever body parts with ease.

The gameplay is not too difficult (in the beginning) and the game's first level allows you to get use to quickly and accurately hack off the limbs of anything that is not human.

The gameplay does get a tad bit repetitive a little too early on, and you can definitely get occasionally bored with the game's sometimes annoyingly slow pace.

Dead Space simply does not throw enough enemies at you to really feel like an action game. You will spend a bit too much time running through empty corridors of the ship, waiting for something to happen.

Glow In The Dark: The atmosphere and environments of Dead Space are outstanding as are the graphics, which are impressively detailed The sound effects and voice acting are also fantastic.

Seeing blood smeared on the ground you are walking on leading up to a cut-apart and bloody carcass would not have been nearly as intense had the graphics not been at the level they are now.

The sound effects and voices featured in the game are also top-notch. All of the characters in the game sound great and at home in the game, while the horrifying screams echoing from beyond the next door are done perfectly.

In addition, everything has a sense of weight and feels genuinely heavy and full.

Rent vs. Buy: DeDead Space is an impressive game that delivers more thrills then chills, but still falls short a bit in the gameplay department.

The impressive graphics, foreboding atmosphere, great voice acting and sound effects, and the unique and intuitive way to display crucial information like health and ammo cannot completely manage to overshadow the slightly slow paced gameplay.

The game stills feels a bit too slow at sometimes, with not much to bridge the gap between action sequences.

If you are a fan of slower paced, more thoughtful shooters, then you cannot go wrong with trying Dead Space out.

If you are more accustomed to games like Halo, Gears of War and the like, then you should pass on this game completely.

Report Card

If you are a fan of slower paced, more thoughtful shooters, then you cannot go wrong with trying Dead Space out. If you are more accustomed to games like Halo, Gears of War and the like, then you should pass on this game completely. (Krakrabbit.com)


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