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Call of Duty: World At War!

The acclaimed Call of Duty series is being taken back to World War II, but will World at War be able to stay afloat despite the skepticism of heading back in time?

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Time Traveling: Call of Duty: World at War is not being developed by Infinity Ward (the creator's of the fourth installment in the series) but instead is being helmed by CoD vets Treyarch. World at War takes the franchise back into the WWII era, where Springfields and Thompsons replace 50. Cal rifles and M4s.

You take the role of both a U.S. Marine battling against Japanese soldiers, as well as a Russian Soldier with the sole mission of eliminating the remainder of Hitler's Nazi forces.

The plot in World at War is surprisingly strong, as you will get mission briefings before and after a completed level that explain what is going on around you and where you are heading to next. The entire campaign is voiced by 24 star Kiefer Sutherland, which adds a nice touch that only helps you become immersed in the game.

Even though the two different storylines (Russian solider vs. U.S Marine) paths do not cross at any point or time, the story is easy to follow and the storyline rarely confuses you.

Emotional Rollercoaster: Call of Duty: World at War is much more intense then the previous installment in the series and features a variety of often disturbing moments and facts.

The aforementioned mission briefings are generally told through real footage of Japanese soldiers executing prisoners, shooting them, burning them, and burying them, as well as other factual scenes of horror taken from real battlefields during the war.

These scenes only help intensify the game and while much of the footage is a bit disturbing, it is rather interesting to watch.

In addition to what you see when your hands are off of the controller, you will also be on the edge of your seat during the actual gameplay.

AMBUSH: Moving from Modern Warfare back to WWII may seem like a difficult transition, but World at War feels very familiar to Modern Warfare, giving veterans of the game no trouble adapting to the WWII setting and the gameplay that goes along with it.

The gameplay in World at War is remarkably intense and has you on edge throughout the entire campaign. Throughout the game you will be ambushed by your enemies a countless number of times, often catching you off guard and nearly taking your life.

What makes World at War so nerve-racking is the constant feeling that you are being watched/stalked until you walk into a trap set by your enemies.

World at War is very similar to Modern Warfare in many ways. From the mini-map, icons located on the mini-map, to the controls, everything about the game has a recognizable feel about it.

One of the biggest changes in the game is the vast contrast in your selection of armaments.

Walking Armory: World at War does not feature any of the high-tech weaponry that you may be accustomed to. You will be fighting with M1 Garands and Bayonets instead of Dragonovs and MP5s.

The change from modern weapons to old technology is not too difficult though, as you will most likely be able to find a weapon that is similar, albeit slightly inferior, to what you preferred to use before the jump into WWII.

In addition to the M1's and Bayonets, you will also have access to other weapons such as Bazookas, Springfield's and "Trench Guns."

A Knife To The Back: Call of Duty: World at War runs on a slightly reworked engine of the one that powered Modern Warfare, and it shows.

World at War features stunning visuals that surpass those featured in Modern Warfare, though not by a substantial amount. You will see some slightly higher detailed enemies and buildings, though the graphics can easily be beaten by a couple other games out on the market.

This latest version of CoD does have a massive advantage in terms of goriness and visceral details over past installments, but it does allow you to be able to see just how well your target took that shotgun blast to the leg.

Call of Duty: World at War allows the user to experience how shooting an enemy in different parts of the body effects the total damage done and overall look and feel of the shot.

Limbs will fly off of your enemies when you shoot them, and they will react to where you shot them in an incredibly realistic fashion. Additionally, your enemy's wounds will spurt blood and other bodily fluids as you stab, shoot and maim them.

A Chip Off The Old Block: Like it's predecessor World at War features a competitive online multiplayer mode that allows you to go to war with up to17 other players on a wide variety of maps. World at War's multiplayer is shockingly similar to that featured in Modern Warfare, and the biggest change in the multiplayer may only be the weapons and the perks.

You will be able to choose from all of the classic game modes like Domination and Team Deathmatch, though you will also have the option to play one of the new modes such as Capture the Flag. The new modes such as "CTF" fit right into the multiplayer formula and only add to the already massive amount of gameplay modes to choose from.

The actual gameplay is very similar, and vets of Modern Warfare will have absolutely no problem moving from Modern Warfare to World at War. The matches are limited to 18 player matches, and although that may seem like a large game, the matches never become overly hectic or confusing.

The perks, which are now a CoD staple, remain mostly intact this time around. Perks are special abilities that allow you to "upgrade" your character with capabilities such as Stopping Power, Dead Silence, Martyrdom, and others.

You will again be able to level up and choose from some of your favorite Perks that return from Modern Warfare, and although the Perks remain virtually unchanged, they still add a nice layer of depth to the game.

At your disposal you will have some special weapons or explosives with which to hunt your enemies down with that you have never seen before. From "Bouncing Betty's" (the equivalent of a Claymore) to Sticky Grenades, you will have some unique weaponry in your hands.

Army Of Four: A new feature added to the Call of Duty series is the addition of a four-player cooperative mode that allows you to play through the entire campaign with friends, or online buddies.

The cooperative mode is not anything special or revolutionary. You will be able to join or host a co-op game and then simply play through the entire campaign with your friends. The co-op experience feels exactly the same as the single player campaign, but with the aid of some allies more competent then the AI.

The co-op mode is very enjoyable though and playing through the campaign online or locally is a blast.

Rent vs. Buy: Call of Duty: World at War and Treyarch revitalize the tired WWII shooter genre with very enjoyable gameplay and other features.

The impressive visuals, engrossing campaign mode, enjoyable, though not uncommon multiplayer co-op, outstanding competitive multiplayer and intense gameplay make World at War a fantastic game.

Though World at War is not terribly original and many of its features are carried over from Modern Warfare, the game is still a very enjoyable experience.

If you are a fan of the Call of Duty franchise, you will feel right at home playing World at War. Call of Duty: World at War is a very impressive game that should not be missed by any gamer.

Report Card

The impressive visuals, engrossing campaign mode, enjoyable, though not uncommon multiplayer co-op, outstanding competitive multiplayer and intense gameplay make World at War a fantastic game. Though World at War is not terribly original and many of its features are carried over from Modern Warfare, the game is still a very enjoyable experience. (Krakrabbit.com)


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