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Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway!

The popular Brothers In Arms series has gone next-gen, but will Hell's Highway be able to bring new life into the tired WWII setting?

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WWII Story Makeover: Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway has a large focus on engrossing you in a dramatic and intense storyline.

The story of Brothers In Arms has you placed in the shoes of Sgt. Matthew Baker in between the most brutal times in World War II.

You will be able to see his experience unfold, as well as meet a wide array of interesting characters.

Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway does not slack on the storyline at all, and delivers an intense and engrossing plot that is not usually seen in most games.

There is one flaw to the engrossing plotlines however, and that is the frequent cutscenes.

The game tries a little too hard to engross you in the game and will fire a few too many cinematics at you during your time playing the game.

The cinematics are a tad too numerous during the game's levels, and can easily break up the adrenaline rush that you begin to feel after a battle. It is pretty uncommon to not see a cinematic after nearly every battle that you participate in.

The impressive graphics do not hurt either, as you will be able to witness strong detail and a great battlefield atmosphere in cinematics and in gameplay.

Cover Or Die: The gameplay in Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway has a massive emphasis on using cover extensively.

The game throws a ton of enemies at you and each and every one of them are astoundingly smart.

In order to survive the Nazi gunfire, the game requires you to use cover like a real soldier would in real combat.

You will be able to prop up against fences, walls, sandbags, barrels, trucks, plates of metal and other commonly seen battlefield objects.

The cover system is somewhat reminiscent of the cover system that Gears of War uses, but is massively more realistic in every way. You cannot blindfire from behind cover and expect to kill an enemy from 50 yards or use any other tactics that you may be used to in other games.

Your cover will chip apart and eventually break apart from the flurry of German Nazi gunfire that it is absorbing, which is an impressive and welcome touch.

The cover system in Hell's Highway is amazingly easy to use; while at the same time adds a layer of strategic depth to the game.

Like Fighting Humans: The AI in Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway is amazingly intuitive and does not show any signs of stupidity or make any mistakes. They guard their life like a real soldier would.

They will actively use cover and only open fire when they think that it will benefit them.

They will attempt to suppress you under your cover and will relentlessly be looking to kill you where you stand. Did I mention that the game was difficult?

It becomes increasingly more difficult to kill your German foes as you progress, but fighting them does not lose any appeal.

It is bone-crushingly annoying when you die however, as you will have to endure load times that can span to over 60 seconds.

Like Fighting Humans: Hell's Highway features a vast amount of authentic and true-to-life weapons that were used in the WWII period.

You will be able to tear apart your Nazi enemies with a variety of weapons ranging from the M1 Garand, to the M1A1 Thompson, to the M3 Grease Gun and even specialty weapons like Sniper Rifles and Bazookas.

War With Buddies: Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway also includes a multiplayer mode that allows you to fight in a few different modes as either a German or American team.

The multiplayer mode remains just as deep and tactical as the single player does, but adds some new aspects that single player lacked.

In multiplayer you will be assigned to an Assault Team, a Sniper Team, or a Tank Team.

Each "class" or specialty as the game calls them are unique and have their own benefits to using them and each is a blast to play as.

The gameplay in the multiplayer mode is still quite strategic because there is no option to immediately respawn after you die (you will end up waiting upwards of 4-5 minutes until the round is over,) but does lose a tiny bit of strategy that the single campaign featured.

The multiplayer mode does not allow you to choose what "mode" you would like to play in and instead chooses it for you.

Hell's Highway does not feature real modes that differ from each other, but each match will have a different objective (raise your flag on enemy post, or call in an airstrike) that serves as a different gameplay mode.

While the multiplayer mode is a blast to play, at this time it can be a little too difficult finding someone online to play with that has a decent connection.

Too often do you have to refresh the lobby page looking for someone with good connection and more then 3 players.

Rent vs. Buy: Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway is a great game that does not fail in the single player campaign much, but does feature some quibbles that keep the game from flawlessness.

The impressive and naturally gritty graphics, fantastic atmosphere, large array of weapons, incredibly intuitive AI, unrivaled realism and notable multiplayer easily overshadow some smaller flaws like long load times and a lack of opponents online.

If you are looking for a great experience that provides intense action, an incredible storyline and impressive multiplayer, then you cannot go wrong buying Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway.

Report Card

Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway is a great game that does not fail in the single player campaign much, but does feature some quibbles that keep the game from flawlessness. However, If you are looking for a great experience that provides intense action, an incredible storyline and impressive multiplayer, then you cannot go wrong buying Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway. (Krakrabbit.com)


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