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Army Of Two!

Army of Two is the latest title from EA Games that is completely focused on two player Co-Op. This highly anticipated title forces you to use each other for survival.

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Dynamic Duo: As I mentioned before, Army of Two is a groundbreaking game that puts you into the shoes of one of two former Army Rangers turned private military. Rios, a stern and serious battle hardened war veteran, or Salem, the cocky but skilled partner to Rios. The story of AO2 is based highly off of current world events. You will be sent to Afghanistan, Iraq, Miami, and will be tasked with saving POWs, to eliminating members of a terrorist cells.

In the first mission, both Rios and Salem are Army Rangers sent into a battlefield to eliminate a warlord. After your first mission, you are offered a position by a private military company to be an army of two, combating against terrorists for one sole reason... The money.

Combat: One of the best features of Army of Two is the highly strategic combat system. The combat system in Army of Two is not unlike that of Gears of War. Cover is a must to survive, if you like to go Rambo in your games, you will die. In order to complete your mission, you have to use cover strategically.

There will be many areas in a mission where you are pinned down by a turret. If you try to reach the turret before it reaches you, you will die. The main key to survival in Army of Two is to use cover extensively. While you are under the protection of cover, you can either aim down the sights, or blind fire.

While using the cover-shooting system is very enjoyable, there is one flaw with it though. The learning curve is way to high for players new to cover system games. Learning how to use cover well, and knowing when to pop out to take a peak to scout for enemies is extremely difficult for Noobs, and you will often die in the beginning missions, even on the lowest difficulty.

Camaraderie: The focus of Army of Two is the highly developed Co-Op aspect. The shining spot in the Co-Op system is playing with a live buddy to aide you in the wars you will be sent out on. Sadly, Co-Op pretty much only works with a live partner. The PAI as EA calls it, Partner AI) is atrocious.

Your partner's AI is very under developed, and I feel that this keeps AO2 from a perfect score. For a game that focuses on Co-Op gameplay, the AI for your partner should have been much more advanced. The enemy AI, on the other hand is very smart, and hugely outweighs the PAI. The enemies AI will react to your decisions, use cover, and will not risk their life rushing you for a quick kill.

Another key aspect to survival is to use the healing system. If you or your teammate is injured, they will be forced to become immobile, but will still have the ability to shoot. Once you find your partner, you will have to drag him to a safe spot, and begin the healing process, all the while you're wounded buddy will have to cover you from fire.

Sadly though, the PAI is very ill equipped to deal with you if you are injured, and will often drag you in front of enemy fire, and begin to try to heal you. This often does not get done fast enough because your "medic" keeps getting shot, and you often end up dieing and having to start from a checkpoint.

Cash: After each objective you successfully complete, you will be awarded a bonus amount of cash put into your account that you can use on the Black Market. You are allowed to access the Black Market after every mission, and even halfway through a mission.

On the Black Market, you can choose to buy from a selection of extremely realistic primary weapons, secondary weapons, special weapons (Stingers, RPGs,) and masks. After you buy a weapon, you will be able to upgrade it with a variety of stocks, barrels, suppressers, a shield and even the choice to make your weapon "Pimped" which coats it in diamonds, and paints it gold.

Rent vs. Buy: Army of Two is a great game that breaks new ground and sets a new standard for Co-Op modes. The graphics are extremely realistic, and the cinematics make you feel like a veteran mercenary fighting a war that will never end. Army of Two is a game for the Co-Op lovers, and those who prefer a different approach to the run 'n gun formula of other shooters.

The game was put together solidly, and is well worth the $60 bucks IF you have a live friend that will play with you. The only thing that keeps Army of Two from perfection is the PAI could have been a little more intelligent to counter act the enemy AI. Other then that, this game is amazing, and I would recommend as a must buy for anybody with an Xbox 360.

Report Card

Army of Two is a great game that breaks new ground and sets a new standard for Co-Op modes. The game was put together solidly, and is well worth the $60 bucks IF you have a live friend that will play with you. (Krakrabbit.com)


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