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Afro Samurai!

The popular TV series Afro Samurai now has a video game adaptation, but will the transition from TV to your home console be successful?

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War of the Headbands: Afro Samurai is based partially off of the TV series, but also adds in new narrative elements to enhance the overall storyline. As the name implies, you play as a Samurai, voiced by Samuel L. Jackson. The story of "Afro" revolves around two Headbands, which are said to grant mystical powers to its wearers.

The "Number 2" Headband is a symbol to all on Earth that the wearer is the second best Samurai in the world.

The "Number 1" Headband is also a symbol, and represents that its wearer is the best Samurai in the world. This Headband is also said to provide god-like powers to the one who manages to wear it.

Only the Number 2 Headband has the right to challenge the Number 1 Headband for the chance to receive the powers that the Number 1 Headband grants.

After Afro's (the name of the main character) Father, the former owner of the Number 1 Headband is murdered by the Number 2 Headband; Afro is thrust into a journey for revenge.

The story of Afro Samurai isn't really fleshed out, and the game tends to jump around a bit too much to easily understand how the plot is developing.

In addition, the game's narrative simply isn't very well put together. Mixing the new and old elements of the story makes Afro Samurai a little confusing at times. Unfortunately, the plot is not the only area Afro falls short in.

Literal hack 'n slash: Afro Samurai's gameplay revolves around brutal, fast paced combat against multiple foes at one time.

You will roam through relatively linear levels, batting against a variety of enemies using only your Father's sword as a weapon.

The combat featured in Afro Samurai is very fast paced and is unique in some ways. Each blow you deal with your deadly sword has a chance to cut off a limb of decapitate your opposition.

Unfortunately, the combat ends up being a tad too simple and easy in Afro. It is too easy to maim even the largest enemies should you be able to string together even the simplest combo.

Making the combat even easier is the ability to enter a slow-mo type mode that slows everything around you down. One strike, heavy or light, will chop your enemies in two and you are even able to utilize this devastating strike on bosses making even the most fearsome areas of the game effortless.

This increasingly dull combat makes the game grow repetitive after only about an hour of gameplay. While the enemies get tougher as you progress, they do not become more challenging; they simply absorb more damage.

Familiar ground: The visuals showcased in Afro Samurai are very similar to those featured in the TV series, and is also reminiscent of the graphics in the recently released Prince of Persia game.

The vivid graphics in Afro Samurai are very unique and are quite impressive. The game has a flow to it that makes every movement and strike something to behold.

Rent vs. Buy & Impressions: Afro Samurai is a decent game through and through, but the game fails to be a lasting experience for the long haul.

While the combat is amusing during the first few minutes of the game, the game quickly becomes repetitive.

Also, Afro's storyline isn't well put together and is unnecessarily confusing. Namco should have kept the game's storyline true to the TV series.

If you are a fan of the series, then you cannot go wrong with renting this moderately entertaining title. On the other hand, if you have never been interested in the TV series, then you can find better games to spend your time with.

Report Card

Afro Samurai is a decent game through and through, but the game fails to be a lasting experience for the long haul. If you are a fan of the series, then you cannot go wrong with renting this moderately entertaining title. On the other hand, if you have never been interested in the TV series, then you can find better games to spend your time with. (Krakrabbit.com)


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