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Iron Man!

The video game adaptation of the $100 million dollar box office hit has arrived, but will it follow in the footsteps of previous movie-games, or stand out from the rest?

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DU DU DUDUDU: The story of Iron Man the game follows closely with that of the movie: Tony Stark is a high level weapons dealer, but when he is kidnapped by terrorists, he forms a plan to escape out of his captors grip by building a (iron obviously) suit.

Sadly, the story is not nearly as exciting as it is in the movie. As the game wears on, the story seems to take a near absence in the game.

Fight AND Flight: By far the worst parts of Iron Man the game are the combat and the AI. You will fight wave after wave of endlessly dimwitted enemies in boring "hold down button 1 until everyone's dead" combat, then come to the boss that bombard you will massive firepower and brute strength; and that's were the problem lies.

The grunts that you have to blow through to get to the boss are completely idiotic, while the bosses are mercilessly vicious. They use a huge amount of endless firepower and brute strength to kill you time after time.

The huge spike in difficulty is way to punishing for anyone to endure, and even if you are able to finish one of the bosses off, it will take you a very long time.

However, there are some cool moments during the game that amaze you, and lets you see what the game SHOULD'VE been. Like when a tank launches a missile at you then you grab it and throw it back at the tank. Moments like that should've made more appearances then it did.

I'm Rich, Why Do I Upgrade After The Battle: One of the best parts (that's not saying much though) in the game is the upgrade system. Iron Man uses an upgrade system to allow you to add extra weapons and other accessories onto your suit, being able to buy them with credits earned from battle.

Fortunately, the upgrade system works -- to some degree -- and you will often spend a lot of time tinkering with your suit and buying new items.

Rent vs. Buy: Iron Man the game is nowhere near the quality of a sixty-dollar game, but is closer to the quality of an eight-dollar game; a rental. Iron Man has way to many flaws to even be considered for the retail chunk of change that it goes for in stores, but is probably a solid rent.

If you saw the movie, or just want something you introduce you to the Iron Man theme, then you can play this. You will get through the game quickly, and you will be disappointed by what this game is, and what it could be.

Add onto that the sub-par graphics and the unimaginative controls, and you have a rent ONLY game.

Report Card

If you saw the movie, or just want something you introduce you to the Iron Man theme, then you can play this. However, you will get through the game quickly, and you will be disappointed by what this game is, and what it could be. (Krakrabbit.com)


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