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The latest from Monolith Studios has finally arrived, but will F.E.A.R be able to creep you out while at the same time appealing to your shooter needs?

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Deepest F.E.A.R.s: The story of F.E.A.R. has you, an unnamed new soldier that has just been recruited by the First Encounter Assault Recon (F.E.A.R.) because of his heighten senses and skills.

F.E.A.R. deals with supernatural, paranormal activities that the FBI and "normal" agencies cannot and will not get involved with.

You and a small team are sent into a facility to see if anything is going on after two separate teams of official officers disappear upon being sent in.

There, you will discover that paranormal forces are at work there and that something odd is happening that has to do with you.

Even at the beginning of the game, F.E.A.R. will introduce some bone-chilling moments that will make you jump up in your seat.

From disturbing little girls that walk on ceilings to dead people and their voices appearing at random times, F.E.A.R. is one creepy game.

Shooter At Heart: F.E.A.R. is not all about chills though, and does feature incredible firefights throughout the game.

The game's character has the ability to slow down time to rip into his enemies with a variety of weapons.

F.E.A.R. gives you a very robust arsenal at your disposal. You will be able to battle enemies with weapons from rocket launchers and assault rifles, to particle beam rifles that literally rip anyone who stands in your way in two.

All of the weapons in F.E.A.R. feel strong and powerful and do not skimp on the force at all when you shred into a random enemy.

The firefights that occur throughout the game have an amazingly cinematic feel to them as bullets course through pillars around you and your environment explodes and crumbles before you.

Particle Wars: F.E.A.R. also features a multiplayer mode that allows you to play with other F.E.A.R. players online.

The multiplayer mode is lagless and includes a large variety of gameplay modes like classic Capture the Flag and Slo-Mo battles.

Rent vs. Buy: F.E.A.R. is a phenomenal game that has as many thrills as chills.

The outstanding graphics, amazing and easy-to-follow storyline, genuinely scary moments and astounding firefights make F.E.A.R. a game that everyone who is a fan of shooters must buy.

Report Card

The outstanding graphics, amazing and easy-to-follow storyline, genuinely scary moments and astounding firefights make F.E.A.R. a game that everyone who is a fan of shooters must buy. (Krakrabbit.com)


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