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The long awaited, highly anticipated under-water adventure has finally arrived to the people. But, will it live up to the high standard that is expected of it?

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Bubbles Under The Sea: The story of BioShock places you in the shoes of an airline pilot, who crashed over a mysterious ocean with a giant complex bulging out of it. After swimming to safety (amidst wonderfully detailed fire) you discover what seems to be an under water city called Rapture.

But not all is as it seems. After the construction of Rapture, (which was built for the most popular, powerful and greatest minds to protect them from harm). The mastermind behind the city created special shots that could give it's host unimaginable powers, like the ability to shoot fire out of their hands and unlock previously sealed doors...with their hands!

But, when the syringes were dispensed to the people of Rapture, they went mad with the power (literally) and became mutants that could attack with fire and a number of other ways that shoot out of their hands.

Shocked On Becoming Bio: The main draw-in of BioShock is that fact that when you find the various (dirty) syringes throughout the city, you will be prompted to drive them into your arm to give you special abilities such as being able to spout fire or lightning out of your hand and even the ability to become telekinetic and be able to lift enemies into the air. (And possibly switch BioSHOTS then shoot them with fire in mid air).

These abilities give a nice strategic aspect to the game, because only certain BioSHOTS will work against certain foes.

To Harvest Or To Wuss Out, That Is The Question: As you progress through the city you will find little girls called "little sisters" and their massive protectors the "Big Daddies" (as featured on the cover of the game) The Big Daddies often have a colossal drill attached to their arm, and if used against you, will take a huge chunk off of your life bar.

The little sisters have a massive amount of currency flowing through their veins called Eve (as in Adam and Eve) and I don't need to tell you that Eve is essentially code for the lifeforce that fuels mankind.

If you don't Harvest them, you will acquire less Eve, but you will save the little sisters, and turn them back into cute little girls once more (although they do still look a bit grim).

There is only ONE way to get to the little sisters, through the Big Daddies. The battles with these giant beasts are a sight to behold.

The Big Daddies rapidly move around you trying to find the perfect time to strike, while you ready your arm for attack. After you kill one of these colossal monsters, you will have a euphoric type of enjoyment afterwards.

Rent vs. Buy: Overall, BioShock is a generally decent game, with only a few minor flaws thrown into the mix. The fact that the graphics are so amazing helps you become engulfed into the world of Rapture very quickly, but it's a shame that when you punch a window or glass, the damage will not stay there.

The story wants you to learn more about Rapture and it's denizens, but the plot does not always match up at all times. Such as the question, HOW did the little sisters get on this under water city, WHY are the Big Daddies protecting them, and how did THEY get into the city?

Also, the game does get repetitive as you kill various mutants through "different" environments in Rapture with Tommy Guns and fire. BioShock could've been a better game then it is now, but it does ok enough that you will desire to finish up the storyline.

Report Card

Overall, BioShock is a generally decent game, with only a few minor flaws thrown into the mix. BioShock could've been a better game then it is now, but it does ok enough that you will desire to finish up the storyline. (Krakrabbit.com)


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