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Scarface: The World Is Yours!

The latest in the Scarface series of game has released onto the Wii, but will this version be any better then previous?

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What's Mine: The World is Yours is based off of the Scarface movie, but rather then duplicate the movie or make a prequel, they decided to make a sequel. The only problem is that Tony Montana was gunned down in a blaze of glory at the end of the movie, so they decided to rewrite the movie.

They rewrote the movie's ending, and let Tony Montana escape alive, but still lost his mansion, money, drugs, and even his awesome Tiger. This sens Tony on a quest for revenge and rebuilding his empire, one neighborhood explosion and drug deal at a time.

Cock-a-roach: Shortly after the unforgettable "Say hello to my little friend" quote, you will take control of Tony and orchestrate his escape yourself. Once you get outside, you will thrust into a game that does nothing with its characters, bundled with shoddy controls and a bad script.

It seems that the developers just watched the movie, took some of the most said quotes, and then made the script around them. The dialogue will be littered with "cock-a-roach," "balls," "f***," "Chico," "coo" and "coke" without any regard as to how stupid they sound when they are all said in one sentence.

First of all, the game doesn't feel entirely true to the movie. While you can deal coke (using a very easy golf-swing style bar) smooth-talk cops (using same bar) and deposit drug money, the missions make the whole thing feel artificial.

Some of the missions that you will do feel like something Tony would do, like protecting a restaurant from attackers, but others are just plain moronic.

Another mission has you guarding a speedboat from a fixed gun position on a helicopter while it tries to find shark fins to make shark-fin soup for a wedding party at another restaurant. Now, I'm all for being imaginative and open minded but that is a situation that Tony Montana would just not be in.

Hey, What's Up? Want Some Coke: A majority of the game revolves around building rep. You build rep by dealing coke around Miami, (strangely, EVERYONE wants some coke) all the while killing the other dealers that have risen to power during your 3-month absence. That's where the biggest problem comes in; the combat controls.

For starters, you will need to constantly aim the Wii remote at the screen because it controls both the camera AND the aiming. Pushing down on the D-pad lets you perform a 180-degree turn, which is absolutely key to survive.

The stick on the Nunchuk is used to move Tony around on the screen, but is also used to control honking your car horn, and taunting. Both of which are done by flicking the Nunchuk up in the air, which feel strangely random and untraditional.

While it is a small achievement that the developer managed to cram gamepad controls onto the Wii's control scheme, its never fun to play with. You will constantly feel like your fighting the controls for dominance.

Looking Good Chico: On the visual side of things, generally they're pretty good. You will notice that the building and foliage look quite impressive for what the Wii is capable of. The Wii version of The World is Yours doesn't look quite as good as the Xbox or PS2 versions, but they do well enough.

Audio wise, the voice acting is all over the place. Although the beginning credits say that Al Pacino did the voice of Tony Montana, he really didn't. The replacement though is close to what Pacino sounded like, and reads the script well enough to feel the anger in what seems like millions of curse-words littered throughout.

Also, you will hear a lot of voices that really shouldn't be in the game. You will hear cameos from guys like Bam Margera and Jason Mewes, and they just don't fit the seedy underworld of the Miami drug dealing.

Besides that you will hear the standard car and engine noises that sound quite lifelike. Add in the impressive gun shot effects and you have some solid audio.

Rent vs. Buy: This "Rent vs. Buy" section is a tough one because while The World is Yours isn't perfect, it is a pretty decent game. The visuals are nice, and the audio is pretty good (besides the voices) but the controls are a pretty big damper on things.

If you liked the Scarface movie, but don't want a Grand Theft Auto (why?) then I would suggest getting the Xbox or PS2 version simply because of the controls.

Any recent GTA is much better then The World is Yours, but if you must have a Scarface game, then an older version is the way to go.

Report Card

Any recent GTA is much better then The World is Yours, but if you must have a Scarface game, then an older version is the way to go. (Krakrabbit.com)


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