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The highly accredited artistic game that originally released on the Playstation 2 has been re-released on the Wii. But will it live up to the original game than got so much praise?

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To See The World As A God: The best part of Okami is the great storytelling. The story is translated for American audiences, but doesn't feel forced or artificial because of it. Okami tells the tale of Amaterasu Okami, a god who saves the world from pure evil. While the story sounds like a generic tale, it is a lot better then it sounds.

Another thing that places Okami in a league of its own is the fantastic art design that flows through the entire world. The entire world looks like a moving water painting. The trees flow naturally with the wind, and the grass moves along with each passing breath. This is probably the best game that I've seen in a long time with this kind of unique background.

There's even a unique texture technique that the game uses, that makes your TV look like a canvas, with the background and the world being painted onto it.

Brush Strokes: Since you (the god) take the form of a white wolf (everyone thinks you're a dog), you can't use godly powers, or hold a gun. You have to use a brush called the Celestial Brush. The Celestial Brush allows you to cut through obstacles, damage enemies, and paint trees or grass to lighten the environments around you.

Suspect Artistry: Naturally, you would think that using a brush on the Wii would be an ingenious idea. And in theory, it is. But sadly, the controls of the Wii remote don't always work the way you want them to. As you try to use the brush to attack enemies or paint the environment with color, the brush will fly off screen or will shake at unexpected times.

The brush is way to sensitive for the average person to control. Make any movements that aren't perfectly precise and you will pay the price.

Rent vs. Buy: This review is short simply because this is a great game that you have to buy, and there are many aspects of the title that require you to actually see them in action to appriciate. The beautiful art design that causes the world to flow with natural ease, and the wonderful storytelling bring this game together.

While the brush strokes don't always work perfectly and are a little too sensitive, those are only small quibbles that barely even tap the experience of the game. Anyone with a Wii should pick this up immediately, as soon as you can.

Report Card

While the brush strokes don't always work perfectly and are a little too sensitive, those are only small quibbles that barely even tap the experience of the game. Anyone with a Wii should pick this up immediately, as soon as you can. (Krakrabbit.com)


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