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Madden NFL 09 All Play!

The popular Madden franchise has been placed onto the Wii, but will All-Play be able to stand up to the bigger console versions?

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Core Football: All-Play on the Wii is all about making the biggest hits and longest throws, while breaking as many tackles as you can and overall going all out this time around.

All-Play encourages you to blitz on third down in an attempt to get that huge, game-affecting sack on the Quarterback.

The first thing you should know about All-Play is that the game hasn't been totally boiled down and reduced to a game that only the kiddies would be able to enjoy. All-Play still keeps most of its depth and still has appeal to the adult Madden audience.

The biggest differences that you will notice when you try All-Play are the controls and the severely inferior graphics.

Total Control: The controls in All-Play don't feel as tacked on as they did last year, and they do make a significant difference to the feel of the game.

Using the Wii Remote, you will be able to throw passes, run the ball, juke, spin, break tackles, and anything else that you expect from a football game.

The controls in All-Play are quite impressive, and even though in the beginning you will have a little trouble grasping the many motions that you have to perform, they end up adding a nice layer of interactivity to the game.

The controls are tight, responsive and you can learn them relatively quickly if you focus them.

One odd thing though is that when you are passing the ball, you are only able to lob the ball, and the force that you use when making the throwing motion makes no difference.

This unfortunate fact can sometimes get a little frustrating as the defense has more time to react to your pass, sometimes causing an unnecessary turnovers.

In addition to the controls, you are also able to use the Wii Remote to draw your own routes for your receivers, allowing you to choose where you want them to go.

This features was obviously added for the younger audience, and it will appeal to them as they see their wide out run their chosen route for a touchdown.

Also included is the ability to choose what level of playbook you would like to use. By level, I mean level of difficulty it takes to use a playbook.

You can choose from a very simple, easy playbook that doesn't have many plays or formations, a medium sized playbook, and a regular sized playbook that features all of the plays, formations, and is the most difficult to use.

Bobble Head Ball: Another kid friendly feature that All-Play has added is a 5-on-5-backyard style of football, where everyone has an enormous head and they all play on a much shorter field.

The gameplay of the 5-on-5 mode is very similar to that which was featured in the now extinct Backyard Football series of games and has you playing with without many worries and without any realism.

Budget Priced Depth: Even though All-Play has quite a few features that were obviously included for the younger brand of gamers, the near normal amount of depth is kept in for the adult gamer.

You will still be able to play in a Superstar mode, and while the mode hasn't changed in any way, it can be kind of enjoyable taking Darren McFadden on a journey from his draft to a spot in the Hall of Fame.

Also included is the always-impressive Franchise mode that allows you to take control of a team and guide it to the Super Bowl, and then through every step of the off-season from the draft, to retired players, and of course training.

All-Play doesn't sacrifice any of these life-extending features, and allows you to have nearly all of the depth of the Xbox 360 or PS3 versions, at a discount price.

Pwned N00b: All-Play also features that most impressive online functionality on the Nintendo Wii right now.

While online, you will be able to play against your friend using the friend code system, but in a first, you will also be able to play in unranked matches against complete strangers, without having to possess their friend code.

While in a game, we encountered no lag whatsoever, and there were no stuttering, freezes or connection problems.

Playing with someone online without having to own his or her friend code is a huge step forward, and it is done flawlessly in All-Play.

Rent vs. Buy: Madden NFL 09: All-Play is an amazing game that vastly moves forward past Madden NFL 08 in every way possible.

The tight controls, maintained amount of depth, and awesome gameplay make All-Play an overall incredible game that most who primarily uses their Wii has to own.

Kids will be able to play the game, while adults will not have to suffer through the all of the kid features.

If you only own a Wii, or you are planning to give All-Play to the little gamer in the house, then by all means go out and buy All-Play, but if you have the Xbox 360 or PS3 alternatives, that is the way to go.

Report Card

Kids will be able to play the game, while adults will not have to suffer through the all of the kid features. If you only own a Wii, or you are planning to give All-Play to the little gamer in the house, then by all means go out and buy All-Play, but if you have the Xbox 360 or PS3 alternatives, that is the way to go. (Krakrabbit.com)


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