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Defend Your Castle!

One of the first games to hit Wiiware has finally arrived, but will this unique new IP be worth the 500 points?

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Knock Knock: The first thing you will notice about DYC is the fact that the game looks like a 1st grader drew it...but in a good way. The "graphics" in DYC are something to see; your castle looked a little off center and nicely replicates the doodles on a piece of paper of a kid in school.

The little men that attack your castle (the enemies) are drawn with a simple white ball for a head, and a stick figure body with little stick arms that attempt to pound down your castle doors.

DYC is an extremely innovative game, with features that have never even been attempted. Of course, Xgen (the publisher) is known to take riskier moves, as they created the strange PS3 exclusive flOw.

AHHHHHH...Splat: The premise of DYC is very simple, but works in a way of mystery. You play as the leader of a castle, tasked with protecting your castle from an army of men who are attempting to storm you.

In order to kill the little pillagers, you must use the Wii Remote, grab the little men, and flick them high into the sky to let them fall to their deaths (which results in a little "splat" noise and a small pool of blood...its still family friendly though).

After you progress through each wave, you will have the ability to upgrade your castle (temples, resting areas and such) and repair it with the money you earn for each dropped soldier.

As you progress, the wave of enemies will last longer and will include a massive amount of invaders at one time. There is virtually no way to beat this game (on single player) as you only have one hand to work with.

In multiplayer on the other hand. In MP, you can have up to three extra defenders to help you out, and that is where the game really shines.

You will have frantic shouts of "over THERE!" and a victorious cry when you reach the level, and is something that anyone can enjoy (including the younger gamers).

Rent vs. Buy: The reason this review is so short is because there really isn't much to say about Defend Your Castle. The game is a great game, and would be worth the money if it sold in stores. While the game can become shallow (plus give wicked wrist cramps) it's still a great addition to anyone with a Wii, and maybe some kids.

Report Card

The reason this review is so short is because there really isn't much to say about Defend Your Castle. The game is a great game, and would be worth the money if it sold in stores. While the game can become shallow (plus give wicked wrist cramps) it's still a great addition to anyone with a Wii, and maybe some kids. (Krakrabbit.com)


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