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Deca Sports!

The latest sports compilation to be released on he Wii has arrived, but will it live up to the standards that Wii Sports set?

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Quantity Over Quality: As you can probably already tell by my headline, Deca sports relies on a not so huge amount of sloppy, repetitive "sports" instead of a few, great games (unlike Wii Sports). Deca Sports features soccer, basketball, badminton, beach volleyball, motocross, archery, curling, snowboarding, figure skating, and kart racing.

By trying to appeal to everyone with a huge amount of variety, Hudson just ends up making an overpriced mess of a game with a bunch of different "sports" that don't fit together and aren't that fun.

The first thing you will notice is that Deca Sports is EXTREMELY shallow. If you can wave the Wii Remote up and down and side to side, then you can easily play any of the games that Deca features.

In sports like Volleyball, you don't (nor can) move your character, you just flick the Wii Remote to hit the back and forth in a very repetitive manner. In games like Soccer (where you have the use of your legs) the controls are still too simple to a fault.

When playing Soccer, you will move your player with the Nunchuck and use the A button to change players. But the pass, shoot, and slide tackling are all done with the Wii Remote. As you can probably guess, this results in you passing when you want to shoot, or you tackling when you want to pass.

In addition to that, sometimes the game will just be turtle slow on recognizing your commands. This is especially brutal in snowboarding and motocross when crashing results in you coming into a screeching halt.

Another sad fact is that he game is reduced to its simplest form without being a game built for 1st graders.

Take kart racing for example; the entire game only has three tracks with six racers, ice Skating only has three courses, which never change, and archery forces you to shoot at the same target with variances in wind to mix things up.

DUH: Another huge flaw with Deca Sports is the tremendously moronic AI. The CPU-controlled soccer players will pass the ball back at midfield on a breakaway, snowboarder do not take any care to avoid you, and the entire game is just plain stupid.

Playing with friends will alleviate the shoddy AI (unless your friends are REALLY dumb) but they will soon abandon you after only a few game play-throughs. And without the freedom of online play, you will soon be tempted to burn your Deca Sports copy, run over the ashes with your car, and then grind the remains into the ground.

Rent vs. Buy: There are no good, even passable areas of Deca Sports in the game. The "sports" are boring, repetitive and brutal to play through, the graphics would be easily done on the Nintendo 64 (yes, they're that bad) and the lack of online play forces you to play alone or with friends (they won't want to).

Burn this unholy disgrace to gaming with fire and holy water, and hope to God that they never make another "Deca" game again.

Report Card

There are no good, even passable areas of Deca Sports in the game. The "sports" are boring, repetitive and brutal to play through, the graphics would be easily done on the Nintendo 64 (yes, they're that bad) and the lack of online play forces you to play alone or with friends (they won't want to). (Krakrabbit.com)


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