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The often-criticized Turok franchise has returned for yet another game, but will this latest addition to the series do any better then it previously?

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I AM TUROK: This time around, the story of Turok is dramatically different. Gone are the time traveling and Native American focused storylines, no this time Turok is a space marine (trying not to be generic I see) and he crash lands on a planet inhabited by dinosaurs.

While on this dino-planet, Turok tries to find the leader of a rogue military company that which he used to be a part of.

The first thing you will notice (besides the decent story) is the tremendous voice acting (with some voices done by actors Ron Perlman, William Fitchner, and Donnie Wahlberg) and the good graphics.

Honestly, there isn't much to do as far as the story goes. Kill enemies, kill dinos on way to enemies, kill boss, game over.

The jungle setting had a ton of potential, but the game doesn't really let you explore the environment very much besides the beaten path that the game gives you. The game will run a solid 8-10 hours, giving you a great, fulfilled experience.

It's apparent that the graphics and vehicles were taken straight from Gears of War, but that's not an entirely bad thing. And while the game's graphics/vehicles are stolen from Gears, the entire game isn't.

OMC. Outrageous Monster Carnivores: With Turok being on a planet with dinosaurs, and you having high tech guns (plus a knife) this can lead to some pretty intense battles between you and dinos. When you encounter a dino, (which vary from quick raptors to the mighty T-Rexes) you will have a variety of options of what to do.

You can attack it with a hail of firepower; go one-on-one with the dino using just your knife, (which is awesome to do, but risky) or my favorite trick it into killing your enemies. You can trick the dino into eating your foes by shooting the targeted area with a flare-lit arrow (Turok uses arrows even when he has futuristic weapons) and luring the dino into that area.

When the dino gets to that area, you will be able to sit back and watch the dinos chomp on your foes. That's one thing that makes the dino battles so much fun; the dinos AI. Their AI is tremendously advanced, and will react to anything you do realistically.

OMC. Outrageously Moronic Comrades: Sadly, I can't say the same about your squad mates or your opponents. Your squad mates will constantly run into your stream of fire, charge out into the open wishing for death, or just not doing anything (which tends to be the most help to you).

Your enemies will also be inept. They will not move when you are two-inches away from their faces, or just charge into battle to meet their doom (not unlike your squad).

It seems odd that they couldn't manage to implement the same AI that the dinosaurs use, into the men. If ANYTHING, make the men smarter then the dinos.

WHERE. ARE. YOU: One of the best aspects of Turok is the highly enjoyable multiplayer modes. What makes the MP though, are the variations of Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Capture the Flag.

What really spices things up though is the ability to unleash dinosaurs into the middle of the battle. The dinos are really rogue assets, as they will kill and attack anyone no matter what team they are on. What a helicopter is in Call of Duty, the dinos are in Turok.

The only problem is actually finding somebody to play with. For some reason, the lobbies are slim pickings, and you will have a lot of difficulty finding someone, even in the evening.

Rent vs. Buy: In the end, Turok feels like a great rebirth for the series. The graphics are pretty good, the story has seen a massive improvement over past games (though its still a little weak) and the MP is great if you can find somebody.

If you liked the old Turok games, then you're crazy -- uh, I mean -- then you will love the latest installment in the no longer criticized series. If you like FPSs just in general, then you will love this also.

Report Card

If you liked the old Turok games, then your crazy -- uh, I mean -- then you will love the latest installment in the no longer criticized series. If you like FPSs just in general, then you will love this also. (Krakrabbit.com)


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