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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed!

The highly anticipated latest installment in the long-running Star Wars saga has finally arrived, but will The Force Unleashed fulfill the high expectations?

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Lucas Was Involved For Once: The story of The Force Unleashed is one of the title's strongest aspects, and provides a storyline that could have been used as a movie script.

The game is set between Episode III and the classic movies, and you play as Darth Vader's increasingly powerful secret Apprentice that he has been training for years. You are sent by Darth Vader himself to go throughout the galaxy to destroy the few remaining Jedi left in the universe.

Along the way you will uncover the personality of the Apprentice, code-named Starkiller, as well as few other characters along the way.

While I will not reveal any spoilers, (and there are quite a few) I can say that the story will always have you wondering what will happen next.

The Force Is Strong Within You: The main draw-in of The Force Unleashed is having the ability to dispense a wide variety of over-the-top force powers that range from a simple "Force Grab" to unleashing a massive, environment destroying "Force Push."

This gimmick works incredibly well, and while playing The Force Unleashed you will undoubtedly feel an unrivaled sense of power as you demolish enemies and the environments.

What Is That Made Of: The environments in The Force Unleashed attempt to be as destructible as they possible can.

Most of the time you will be able to rip apart aspects of your environment that is not even usually accessible in most other titles.

You will be able to see your powers in action as your pull apart entire walkways and reduce some walls to rubble. Though not the entire environment is destructible unfortunately.

Occasionally you will not be able to rip down a pillar that an enemy is standing on or a power generator that can only be moved if you use Force Grab.

This fact does not take you out of the game much as most of the environments are destructible, but it is a little unfortunate.

Lightsabers At Their Best: The visuals in The Force Unleashed are rather impressive, especially when you are using force powers like Force Push and Force Lightning.

You will be able to see the wave pulsating from your palms and crashing into the enemies when you use Force Push, or lightning bolts strike down your foes with Force Lightning.

Sometimes the graphics can occasionally look a little average, but the majority of the time they look impressive and deliver greatly.

A Familiar Flaw: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is not without its bugs and occasional glitches though. The biggest problem that you run into in The Force Unleashed is the sometimes-unpredictable camera. The Force Unleashed does not have any kind of camera-guiding system and instead forces you to control the camera manually at all times with the right thumbstick.

A little too commonly, you run into some finger-twisting annoyances when you are fighting and trying to battle the camera at the same time.

The camera can sometimes behave itself and be a little easier to deal with, but when you are struggling it makes you wonder if the designers even played the game at all.

The other bugs in The Force Unleashed basically consist of the occasional clipping issue, cheap death, and lengthy load times but none of the bugs completely hinder gameplay beyond playability.

Rent vs. Buy: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is an impressive game that does not astoundingly fail in any way really.

The (mostly) impressive visuals, excellent and very familiar soundtrack, outstanding sense of power and control, virtually unrivaled storyline and visceral force powers mostly overshadow the jumpy camera and occasional clipping issue.

The game is short however, and that fact plays a huge role on whether you should rent or buy this game.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed can be finished within 7-8 hours, and after you complete the game their really is no reason to run back through other then to destroy your enemies with your new force powers.

If you are looking for a raw, action packed thrill ride or a deep and engrossing storyline, you cannot go wrong with renting The Force Unleashed for a great and memorable experience.

Report Card

If you are looking for a raw, action packed thrill ride or a deep and engrossing storyline, you cannot go wrong with renting The Force Unleashed for a great and memorable experience. (Krakrabbit.com)


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