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NFL Tour!

The popular NFL Street franchise lives on in the next generation with it latest installment: NFL Tour. But will it live up to the Street name, or will it be stopped short?

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Loss Of Yards: A lot of you may be wondering, "what is the difference between Street and Tour" and after spending time with the game, the simple answer is that they play on a field. Yep, that's about the game that's truly different.

In fact, NFL Tour takes a big step backwards this time around; massively slimming down the modes is the biggest problem. The two mini-games are called Smash & Dash, and Redzone Rush.

Smash & Dash is basically keep-away in a very small, round arena, where someone carries the ball, trying to stay away from the other player. If the ball carrier is tackled, there will be an instant fumble and the ball is up for grabs.

In Redzone Rush, each team takes turns trying to score from the 20-yard line, repeating this until someone scores a touchdown.

Countrywide Backyard FB: The other modes are a regular exhibition game, online play, and the main "draw-in" the Tour mode. If there is any amount of depth in NFL Tour, it's in the Tour mode. In Tour mode, you will choose a team, create a player, and then compete in a tournament style game system.

The best thing about Tour is the gameplay; you will play game after game in a repetitive fashion, but the actual gameplay is fun. You play in an outside arena (complete with walls) with seven players on each team.

You can pick from a small number of pass and run plays, with a few options and trick plays thrown in. Just like in real football, you have four downs, and must gain ten yards to get a first down. There are no punts or field goals, and when you score a touchdown you have to choose a regular play for one or two points.

NFL Tour tries to implement an evasion type style of play. Tour has a few different ways to break out big plays; one way is to juke, another is to just truck or evade the blocker, but the most enjoyable way is to run up a wall and make them miss.

Sadly the wall-running mechanics don't work very well, and you will often run over to a wall, only to get tackled because you thought you were able to run up the friggin' wall!

It will be fun to blow up blockers, run up wall to evade a tackle (if it works) and just bust out huge plays every down, but after game after game, this formula gets a little old. Also, it's nearly impossible to stop the CPU, and you will often find that you will win quicker if you just let them score, instead of wasting clock time trying to slow the process.

Mute: NFL Tour features some pretty nicely detailed character models, and the domes that you play in are also detailed pretty realistically, but...there are several different arenas, but other than slightly different-looking cityscapes, they all look the same and don't play any differently from one another.

Also, the tackles don't look very vicious, and players convey very little personality before, during, or after the play. Shouldn't Chad Johnson do something after he breaks a field spanning play, breaking three tackles along the way?

By far the worst part of NFL Tour is the unbearable play-by-play of ESPN's Trey Wingo. His entire book of comments center around the fact that sports games announcers repeat themselves over and over, so he uses about a dozen "jokes" that all sound similar to "You ever notice how video game announcers repeat themselves too often? You ever notice how video game announcers repeat themselves too often?"

He will repeat these jokes several times over, during the same drive. Also, he will throw in completely irrelevant to the game, spouting off things like "you know where I can get a good fishing spinner, anything?" FISHING? You have no idea how much you will want to kill yourself after playing through one game of Trey's comments.

Rent vs. Buy: NFL Tour is a decent game, and the fact that they didn't price it at the standard sixty-bucks is a great feature. The gameplay is highly enjoyable, but the rest of the game doesn't follow. The sickeningly horrible Trey Wingo, the repetitive games, and the lack of any depth at all hinder this game dramatically.

The simple controls, and the easy pick up and play feel of the game are great, but the game suffers from a "you score, I score" formula that's unstoppable.

Even though the game isn't sixty-bucks, I still feel that you just don't enough out of this game. If you want to have an arcade fix, get NFL Street, but stay away from this unless it's in the "$20 MUST GO" bin.

Report Card

NFL Tour is a decent game, and the fact that they didn't price it at the standard sixty-bucks is a great feature. The gameplay is highly enjoyable, but the rest of the game doesn't follow. The sickeningly horrible Trey Wingo, the repetitive games, and the lack of any depth at all hinder this game dramatically. (Krakrabbit.com)


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