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Kengo: Legend Of The 9!

The long-running but overshadowed samurai series has released yet another game, but will this title bring the franchise out of the shadows?

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I Work Out A Lot: It overstates a little to call Kengo an actual game; this game is more suited to be called a demo if anything. While it comes in a box and is marked up to an outrageous sixty bucks, you will question if they actually played the game before they shoved this in a box.

The only (partly) interesting part of Kengo is that the title is connected to 17th century Japan, and revolves around nine protagonists in feudal Japan. Those into that sort of history will recognize legendary samurai warriors' names like Musashi Miyamoto, Jubei Yagyu, and Ito Ittosai, but otherwise you won't know them.

The nine are portrayed in a way that would sicken a history freak, because they are made out to look like buff, muscled stereotype that walks around spewing dialogue that would embarrass writers of 80s kung-fu movies.

Chop Chop Chop: Kengo suffers from a horrible case of repetitiveness that plagues the entire game from minute one. The core gameplay of Kengo revolves around going through tedious missions, chopping down wave after wave of idiotic, mindless thugs, ninjas or similar that come after you one by one (in true movie fashion) even when they have you surrounded.

Once you pile up enough bodies, you will come into contact with the boss. The bosses end up being one of the other eight samurai that you aren't controlling. The fights with the bosses end up being one-on-one bore fests that often result in you chopping them up in a quick fashion (with extra squash or spew blood noises thrown in).

In order to win most fights, all you have to do is move in close, twirl the left stick a little then mash the Y and X buttons until your fingers bleed, and in fact its hard to do anything besides that.

Also, the various customizable stances like the soku-giri, kumitachi, and kuzushi, are totally meaningless, and they're but a futile attempt to lengthen the game.

Rent vs. Buy: Kengo: Legend of the 9 basically boils down to tedious, mundane missions, and uninteresting combat. The visuals are bad, the controls are impossible to grasp, and the entire game is repetitive, leaving you with a bad game that shouldn't even have been distributed to the public.

Report Card

Kengo: Legend of the 9 basically boils down to tedious, mundane missions, and uninteresting combat. The visuals are bad, the controls are impossible to grasp, and the entire game is repetitive, leaving you with a bad game that shouldn't even have been distributed to the public. (Krakrabbit.com)


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