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Halo 3!

The highly anticipated, and exceedingly marketed FPS Halo 3 has finally arrived, but will it live up to the extreme marketing and massive amount of hype?

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This gives our website visitors more of clear understanding of what to first expect out of the game when they initially pop it into their consoles.

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Beauty Of The Landscape: The first noticeable difference in Halo 3 is the huge graphical overhaul. The vast, sprawling jungle landscape glistens with textures of grass and various other foliage that look amazing and very lifelike. The armor on Master Chief has also improved in the graphics department, with every crease in his armor perfectly polished and shined. The amount of detail that is shown in this game should set a new standard for games' graphics.

Same Time, Same Place: The story of H3 is surprisingly deep and engrossing. I won't spoil the ending, but the heart of the story revolves around Spartan 117's epic struggle against the earth-invading Covenant race. The plot is very cinematic and makes you feel for the Marines that die along side you.

The problem is, the story is the only thing that has changed. The core gameplay of Halo 3 is very similar to that of previous installment. The gameplay of Halo 3 is still the prey and spray formula that was in Halo 2, and even Halo: Combat Evolved.

You would think that with the game taking years to make, and the continuous delays, they would have improved the gameplay. The only thing that changes in the game is the background, which only changes textures and colors. If you look for it, you will begin to notice a trend of walking down the same hallway over and over again.

I Pwn N00bs: The online portion of Halo 3 is amazing. Bungie added a few new maps to frag on, and they are great. Halo 3's online players, on the other hand are not so great. You will constantly be playing against racist, potty-mouthed, 5th graders and will soon get tired of hearing them. The core gameplay of online has not changed much, but is still astoundingly fun to play on. If you can restrain yourself online from cussing back at the kids, this is an extremely enjoyable experience.

Also included with the online experience is the ability to have four-player co-op. One of you controls MC, the other three control Elite soldiers. This new addition add a new layer of replayability, and it's very fun to be able to play through the campaign with three other buddies. Bungie pulled this off flawlessly, and is a feature people have been waiting for.

Rent vs. Buy: Despite all of it's shortcomings, Halo 3 still manages to be what got it to the top; fun. H3 is not as innovative as the first game was, did not add any new weapons, or improves the gameplay, but it still manages to be fun.

Halo was an innovative, imaginative, fun FPS that set new standards for shooters, but after seven years the idea of a solider killing aliens is old news. If you are a hardcore Halo fan, or if you love First Person Shooters, then buy this. But if you expect it to be a groundbreaking revolutionary game, then you're looking in the wrong place.

Report Card

Despite all of it's shortcomings, Halo 3 still manages to be what got it to the top; fun. H3 is not as innovative as the first game was, did not add any new weapons, or improves the gameplay, but it still manages to be fun. (Krakrabbit.com)


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