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Far Cry 2!

The highly anticipated sequel to one of the most popular shooters has finally arrived, but will Far Cry 2 be able to succeed in the tough first person shooter market once more?

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Fueling The War: The story of Far Cry 2 takes place in an unnamed area in Africa. The country has been plunged into a civil war for a variety of reasons, and a mysterious figure called "The Jackal" is behind much of it.

You take the role of a nameless mercenary who is sent into Africa to find and eliminate The Jackal.

In order to track down The Jackal you will be required to make friends with several of The Jackal's customers.

Far Cry 2's story is not very well done and doesn't do much with the politically charged African setting. The game certainly isn't about the storyline, but more about the amazing gameplay.

African Battlefield: The biggest emphasis in Far Cry 2 is complete and total immersion in the gameplay, your environments, and the gun fights...and Far Cry 2 delivers.

Far Cry 2 is a completely open ended game that allows you to explore nearly everything in Africa and engage it in any way you want.

The guns fights that you engage in, some you start others you stumble upon, are incredibly visceral and intense.

When you fire your weapon you will be able to feel the force and the kick of the gun that you are using. That feeling differs depending on which gun you use. A machine gun recoil and punch will feel much different then a pistol.

When you are engaging in a gunfight, you will be able to choose what path you take in eliminating your enemies.

Everything in Africa is flammable and Far Cry 2 has a large emphasis on fire-based combat. From the weeds and dry trees to oil barrels, everything can and will be destroyed in spectacular fashion.

You will be able to burn entire camps down with a single spark, blow up guard towers with single grenade and even completely cripple a foe with a single bullet.

This totally new look at combat and the way you manage enemies is very enjoyable, and the first time you blow up an enemy camp with one slug will blow your mind.

In addition, the weapon that you use can become dirty, worn, and eventually even break in your hands.

When your gun is used too much, it will begin to misfire, jam, or simply not work. This aspect makes combat much more intense as you will often be looking at your gun for the visual signs of a worn gun.

Traveling The World: Exploring the world is quite an interesting affair, at first. Since you are surveying Africa, your environment is absolutely massive. Most everywhere you go will require some kind of transport other then your legs.

The distances between you and your destination are often far too wide to be traveled without a vehicle.

In fact, after driving through the African brush for a while it can become a tad bit tedious traveling from one end of Africa to the other.

It isn't too big of a flaw though, as even driving is incredibly realistic. After using a single car for an extended period of time, you will need to step out of the vehicle, open up the hood and repair it using a wrench.

While this experience isn't very interactive (you don't control anything) it does add a ton of realism to the game.

Resistance To Pain: Your main character has malaria and must take malaria shots or pills to help him survive.

You earn these aids from Underground factions that are able to supply you with medicine, should you work for it.

In addition to having to take medicine for your disease, you will also have to manage wounds that you suffer on the battlefield.

Shot? You will be forced to dig the bullet out of your body. Broke a limb? You will have to relocate the broken bones in your body.

Whenever you perform one of these potentially life-saving actions, you will be able to watch it occur in real time, giving you an even more visceral and realistic experience.

Mini War: Far Cry 2 features a 16-player multiplayer mode and a map editor that allows you to battle against other players online, as well as create unique maps to fight on.

The modes in the multiplayer are not terribly original and consist of modes like Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch and the usual suspects.

It's the actual gameplay and phenomenal map editor that makes the multiplayer mode a blast.

The combat in the multiplayer mode of Far Cry 2 is very similar to that which is featured in the single player campaign and has a large emphasis on fire and explosions.

The multiplayer mode is very enjoyable and is very intense at all times throughout your matches.

You will not have to enter the multiplayer mode for quite a while though, as the main single player campaign can easily span a massive 30 hours.

Playing God: The map editor is absolutely amazing and is one of the best every seen.

You will be able to make everything from dense urban battlefields to massive jungle landscapes.

It is amazingly easy to do so too, as you will be able to place a variety of objects with complete ease.

Rent vs. Buy: Far Cry 2 is a fantastic game that doesn't fail in many places and is one of the most realistic first person shooters ever made.

The intense, action packed gameplay, fantastic sound effects and voice-overs, great graphics, sprawling landscapes, incredible multiplayer, phenomenal map editor and amazing realism easily overshadow whatever flaw you may be able to find in the game.

If you are looking for an astounding game that will last you a long while and is very enjoyable at nearly all times, there is no going wrong picking up Far Cry 2.

Report Card

The intense, action packed gameplay, fantastic sound effects and voice-overs, great graphics, sprawling landscapes, incredible multiplayer, phenomenal map editor and amazing realism easily overshadow whatever flaw you may be able to find in the game. (Krakrabbit.com)


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