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The latest from the EA-owned studio that brought you Fight Night Round 3 has arrived, but will FaceBreaker be able to provide you with a boxing fix until FNR4 comes?

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Celebrity Breeding Ground: FaceBreaker features one of the best boxer customization options possible simply because of the ability to insert your very own mug into the game and onto a boxer's body with either the Xbox Live Vision Camera or the Playstation Eye.

If you do not have either one of those devices, you will still be able to customize your character with a relatively large amount of options to choose from...for the male boxers.

When creating a male boxer you will be able to choose from a variety of hairstyles and colors, bodies, faces, and some other options. If you are creating a female boxer however, the options are intensely cut down, and most of the females end up looking roughly similar.

You can also share your creation online with other FaceBreaker players who can then download your monstrosity for their own use in their game.

The sharing feature can become quite handy for those who want to be able to play as (or against) some celebrities like Jackie Chan, or even TV hosts like Paula Abdul (both of which were actually recreated by people in the game).

Masher Heaven: The gameplay in FaceBreaker is, in one word, atrocious in nearly everyway. FaceBreaker relies on the age-old control scheme of button mashing, and lots of it.

In order to win your fights you have to mash all of the buttons at one time and hope that the controls actually respond to any of your commands correctly (which would be quite unlikely).

FaceBreaker features three-round fights that end when you knock down your opponent three times and perform an often-satisfying FaceBreaker punch that deforms your opponent's face.

Despite the fun-to-watch FaceBreaker moves, the controls are way to unresponsive and uninspired to be any fun to play with.

Tournament Of Shame: FaceBreaker is also annoyingly skimpy on the gameplay modes as well.

You will be able to choose from a single player quick matches and a Brawl for It All single player game mode.

In the Brawl for It All mode you will fight through a tournament in an attempt to defeat all of those who stand in your way to winning all five championship belts.

The Brawl for It All mode is not innovative in any way and does not even have enough interesting gameplay to keep you occupied even halfway through.

If you do manage to get through a match before you shut the game off, you will be subject to the horrible cheapness of the opponent AI.

The computer AI will often pull out a game saving savior at just the right time to win the match for them without giving you so much of a chance of winning.

Lag Party: FaceBreaker also features an online mode that allows you to play with other FaceBreakers online in a single match.

While online, the gameplay does not get much better then it was in the single player modes.

The online matches (just like the offline matches) tend to boil down to a manic button mashing frenzy that has the man with the quicker hands often coming out on top.

Also, if you have the quicker hands, but do not have a better connection then your opponent, you will almost always be beaten. Likely because of the quickness and fast pace of the matches, you will already be down for the count before you even realize what is happening.

Rent vs. Buy: FaceBreaker fails in nearly everyway and does not deliver any enjoyable boxing action at any point or time.

The unresponsive and uninspired controls, horribly small amount of gameplay modes, aggravating AI and online play and outrageously long load times hinder FaceBreaker beyond repair.

There is no reason at all that you should even glace in FaceBreakers direction for you gaming needs.

Report Card

The unresponsive and uninspired controls, horribly small amount of gameplay modes, aggravating AI and online play and outrageously long load times hinder FaceBreaker beyond repair. There is no reason at all that you should even glace in FaceBreakers direction for you gaming needs. (Krakrabbit.com)


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