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Condemned 2: Bloodshot!

The sequel to the under-appreciated forensics/action thriller has finally arrived, but will be the same old game, or something new entirely?

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Drunken Drug Bum: Condemned 2: Bloodshot once again places you in the shoes of now former investigator Ethan Thomas who, 11 months after the events of the original Condemned, has crawled into the sordid underworld of endless booze and drugs and has no interest in going back. But, SCU has requested Ethan's help to solve the crime of why the city is becoming shambles.

Scarrrrrry: The fact that Ethan is a drugged up boozer bum helps the developer explain why he seems to travel into every back street and serial killer hideout that looks scary. The best part about Bloodshot is the fact that the environments are always spine-chillingly creepy, and even more so when you don't have a weapon or flashlight.

Sadly, after continuous ventures into the streets of death itself, they tend to get a little repetitive and less frightening. But don't get me wrong; the ambiance of the game is always scary, with clowns, dolls and terrifying bums littered throughout the game..

Bum Punch: Another feature Bloodshot is the revamped combat system. Combat consists of using left hand punches, right hand punches, kicks, and even the choice to throw a few elbows (you're a bum, you fight the way you want) to take your opponent out. This new combat system is great fun to use, especially when each time you hit your opponent, you can hear a satisfying "crunch" or "ugh".

The only problem is that this form of combat is build around one-on-one fighting, and when there are multiple enemies coming after you this can raise some issues.

Anything, Anywhere: Significantly, but comprehensibly separated by damage, reach, speed, and condition, weapons can easily be compared to the one in your hand as you wander the dark depths of hell in the worst parts of Metro City.

That makes it easy to make instant judgments about what to use to defend yourself (before the weapon quickly breaks from use). Being able to pry pipes from walls or pick up bowling balls from the lane help build that frantic sense of "Anything, anywhere," and Bloodshot blows the doors off with tons of possible choices.

Options include bars, bent bars, steam pipes, bowling balls, particularly sharp saws, pistol whippings, two-by-fours with or without nails (or even on fire), gumball machines, toilet seats and alot more. And these are just the ones we can bring up without spoiling any part of the game for you.

In addition to that, you have the ability to throw weapons, which works perfectly, since the weapons hit with the impact you'd expect. Throw a bowling ball at an enemy's face to see what we mean, and you will be satisfied.

The Bum Population Is Up By Thousands: Multiplayer allows mobs of the game's villains and heavily armed investigators to go head-to-head. But since the melee combat really only works with one-on-one fighting; multiplayer fights tend to fall into pack versus the lone hunter. Multiplayer isn't terrible, and its state is forgivable in a game that's fundamentally focused on single-player, but we do wish that MP had a little more thought put into it.

Rent vs. Buy: Condemned 2: Bloodshot isn't a bad game, in fact it's pretty enjoyable. The combat mechanics, while they only work with one-on-one fights, are still a great new addition to the series. The story isn't told very well, with many cliffhangers in the game, and doesn't answer alot of the questions left by the original Condemned.

Occasional issues such as the frame-rate dropping at certain points are frustrating when they happen, but aren't enough to hinder the game dramatically. If you liked the last installment in the series, you should pick this up even despite its small quibbles because it improves over the original in everyway.

Report Card

Condemned 2: Bloodshot isn't a bad game, in fact it's pretty enjoyable. If you liked the last installment in the series, you should pick this up even despite its small quibbles because it improves over the original in every way. (Krakrabbit.com)


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