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Battlefield Bad Company!

The latest in the Battlefield series has finally been released, but will Bad Company be worth a tour of duty?

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Dead on arrival: Battlefield: Bad Company places you in the shoes of Preston Marlowe, a Private recently assigned to B Company, nicknamed Bad Company. After the Army leaves you behind enemy lines, you and your merry squad if misfits go AWOL in search of mercenary gold.

The story of BC isn't the strong point of the game by any means, but it does do a well enough job of sustaining a background.

Most of the story and cinematics are attempted to be laced with comedy with jokes and some observational humor; sadly, the variety jokes just come off stupid and way too late.

The jokes in BC run along the line of jokes like; "blank is my middle name". But BC ruins these classic jokes by adding things like "well, actually blank is my middle name." There is really never any need to hear the additions to the jokes, and the extras just end up killing the humor all together.

Crumbling: The meat and potatoes of BC's gameplay revolves around the massive amount of destruction you can cause, and the overall variety of how to tackle your objective.

BC uses a destruction engine called Frostbite, and the majority if the time, Frostbite does a great job of accurately predicting how an object will react to the force you apply.

The best aspect of BC is using Frostbite and your various guns to destroy nearly anything you want to.

If your objective is to take out a sniper hiding in an attic, you can charge into the attic, searching for the sniper if that's your thing, but you also have the choice to just blow a rocket through the attic and detonate the entire building.

Unfortunately, the AI in BC isn't up to snuff, and tends to stand around waiting for you to kill them in any way you please. The lacking AI damages the overall experience, and gives you the feeling that the entire game is relying on the destructibility.

The option to work out your objective in any way you want to adds a lot of variety to the game, but doesn't completely save the objectives from occasionally becoming a tad bit repetitive.

Gold digger: The weakest aspect of Battlefield: Bad Company is the very limited multiplayer modes, which consist of one single mode: Gold Rush. Gold Rush is an objective based mode, that pits two fireteams against each other, with one team protecting cargo, and the other trying to steal it.

Gold Rush is a highly enjoyable and very fast-paced mode that supports up to 24 players, but after a few playthroughs, you will undoubtedly feel a desire for a classic team deathmatch or CTF.

The developers have given a guarantee that BC will receive more expansion modes, but the lack of you having them immediately is very disappointing.

Rent vs. Buy: Battlefield: Bad Company is a fast-paced, non-stop destruction trip that is enjoyable at any time, but the lack of depth and multiplayer subtract a bit from the game. BC is quite entertaining, and the near limitless destruction add some great interactivity. The small quibbles that the game has don't hinder the experience at all, and Bad Company is seemingly a title that many should own.

Report Card

BC is extremely entertaining, and the near limitless destruction add some great interactivity. The small quibbles that the game has don't hinder the experience at all, and BC is a game everyone should have. (Krakrabbit.com)


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