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The Order 1886!

A hotly anticipated new title exclusive to the Playstation 4, intriguing title The Order: 1886 has finally launched after having its release delayed multiple times in the past. After so much waiting, will the appetite of gamers be sated? Find out now!

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Get Your Popcorn: The Order: 1886 owns a narrative that revolves around blending historical events, myths and flat-out fabrications in order to paint a landscape where in roughly the 8th century; a small number of humans mutated and were endowed with animalistic qualities.

Although outnumbered by the general populace, the half-breed infected held an advantage in battles due to their heightened physical capabilities. A war broke out between the two races and it appeared to be a losing battle for the humans until the turn of the industrial revolution.

With evolving technological advancements, the humans are able to now turn the tide with high tech weaponry. Grenades, electricity spewing weapons, guns and a small variety of malicious tools are at your disposal now as Galahad, a high ranking member in a band of knights led by King Arthur.

This title revolves heavily around the narrative and general atmosphere created by the story, with an abundance of cut scenes and movie-like qualities thrown at gamers from the get-go.

The story moves along at a steady, arguably accelerated pace that sees the culmination of The Order: 1886 in as little as five or six hours, if you have a tendency to blast through it as quickly as you can. At a moderate click, you may manage to squeeze around 10 hours out of the campaign before you hit the end of the road.

Now, a large focus of the title is clearly the storyline and as such it should come as no earth shattering surprise that there are an abundance of cinematic cut scenes throughout. A common gripe many gamers may find is the fact that the cut scenes, which cannot be interacted with while they play, can be a bit long and extend for too long the moments where you have the controller out of your hand.

Stay Frosty: An annoying and prevalent feature of The Order: 1886 comes in the form of the...classic quick-time events that have been in gaming use for countless years. Occasionally permeating the very same extended cut scenes that leave your senses dull with their length and calling you to action almost immediately, the quick-time events, or QTE in this title is simply an outdated form of gameplay.

Unlike a title such as Heavy Rain, a PS3 favorite, the failure of the quick-time events in this title do nothing to punish you for your slow reflexes beyond making you redo the sequence. There are very few decisions that you make to alter the course of the narrative and as a whole the game moves along a very linear path.

While there is something to be said about most games exhibiting a linear course, it is also important to note that The Order: 1886 takes this ideology a bit farther by essentially having you playing an interactive movie.

The storyline, chain of events, discoveries and general experience with the game will be practically identical for all players. There are very few individualized aspects for a player to uncover and with the large part of the game being made up of quick time events and cinematic cut scenes, The Order: 1886 quickly establishes itself as an experience that as many people may love as they hate.

She Had Green Hair But Damn She Looked Good: The Order: 1886 does have one thing going for it in spades though, and that is the fact of visual mastery. This title is simply stunning, with character models, animations and the painstakingly crafted backdrop of London forged magnificently.

The audio and video showcased do well in displaying some of the capabilities of the Playstation 4 just after the console celebrates its 1st birthday.

Rent vs. Buy: Quite simply, The Order: 1886 is a somewhat unique concept in some ways but generally adheres to some old school mechanics that severely hinder what this title could have been. Coated in shiny packaging, this game is a bit shallow and has little to offer beyond the first, short-lived play-through. As quick of an experience as it is, you would at least expect an exhilarating thrill ride while it lasts but as any woman who has ever been disappointed will tell you, it just was not good enough for as short as the trip was.

Report Card

As quick of an experience as it is, you would at least expect an exhilarating thrill ride while it lasts but as any woman who has ever been disappointed will tell you, it just was not good enough for as short as the trip was.

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